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Google update breathes new life into original Pixel Watch

Google is proving it hasn’t forgotten about its first-generation Pixel Watch. In the March software update, the original Pixel Watch receives a major fitness upgrade with several of the key features previously exclusive to the Pixel Watch 2. This move strengthens the Pixel Watch’s health and wellness capabilities, positioning it to better compete against smartwatches from Samsung and Garmin.

Google Pixel Watch – March feature drop

One of the most significant additions in the software refresh is automatic workout detection. The original Pixel Watch can now automatically start and stop tracking activities like running, walking, cycling, rowing, and more. This eliminates the hassle of remembering to manually initiate and end workouts, ensuring that your fitness data is always accurate.

What’s more, the update introduces pace training and heart zone training to the older Pixel Watch. With pace training, you can set target speeds for your workouts, and the watch will provide real-time feedback on whether you’re on pace or falling behind. Heart zone training lets you monitor time spent in specific heart rate zones. This helps to personalize your workouts and allows you to better track your progress.

These features, originally debuted on the Pixel Watch 2, provide a much more structured and guided fitness experience. The haptic alerts and voice cues can push users to stick to their fitness goals.

For those seeking a more mindful approach, the Fitbit Relax app is now available on the first-gen Pixel Watch. This offers guided breathing exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety. You can track your mindfulness sessions over time directly within the app.

Along with fitness-focused features, the update also adds public transit directions to Google Maps on your Pixel Watch. You can now find routes, see real-time departure times, and get a compass-enabled map view to help you navigate easily to your destination.

How to install the update

To get these new features on your first-gen Pixel Watch, place the watch on the charger. Then you’ll need to head to your watch’s Settings menu, navigate to the System section, and then tap on Updates.

If the update isn’t immediately showing, a handy trick is to keep tapping the little watch icon at the top of the screen for about 5-10 seconds. This sometimes forces the update to check and start downloading.

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It’s great to see Google hasn’t forgotten about the original Pixel Watch users, bringing several key fitness-focused features from the Pixel Watch 2. However, it’s disappointing that the update doesn’t address the frustrating delayed scrolling issue when using the crown, an annoyance that persists for many.

While the software refresh brings many of the Pixel Watch 2’s features to the original, it’s worth noting that the newer model still has some advantages, like a more advanced heart rate sensor and irregular heart rhythm notifications. Having said that, some new additions in the March feature drop for the Pixel Watch 2 would have been nice.

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