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Suunto firmware 2.33.12 brings speed boost, new features

Suunto has begun deploying a significant firmware update (version 2.33.12) for its Suunto Race, Suunto Vertical, and Suunto 9 Peak Pro smartwatches. This update offers a whole bunch of improvements, bug fixes, new functionalities, and even fresh watch faces.

One highlight of this update is a noticeable enhancement in user interface (UI) smoothness. Those with Suunto watches will experience faster scrolling and overall better responsiveness. Additionally, the update introduces a useful “Map ruler” tool, enabling users to measure straight-line distances on maps.

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Beyond that, the new firmware adds the ability to receive emoji notifications (with some initial limitations), along with a new “High Contrast” map option for the Race model. Suunto says it has meticulously addressed various bugs, including issues related to heart rate disconnection, training widget data, and running estimates. Further enhancements encompass GNSS and optical heart rate (OHR) data accuracy, sleep tracking, and faster syncing with the Suunto App.

Change-log – firmware update 2.33.12

A whole lot to digest in this update. Here’s the full change-log.

  • Three new watch faces
  • “Map ruler” tool to measure the distance in a straight line to any location on the map (VERTICAL and RACE)
  • Reminder to resume/end activity during pause at abnormal speed
  • New “High Contrast” map for Race
    Other improvements in the release:
  • Support for emojis in notifications PHASE 1 (with some limitations still)
  • Better Raise to wake (RACE)
  • Improvements in the display of laps in the activity summary
  • Improved UI speed, even smoother UI
  • Bug fix in training widget data
  • Bug fix to disconnect HR during an activity without needing HR belt
  • Bug fix for obtaining Running Estimate and Lactate (RACE)
  • GNSS data improvements
  • OHR data improvements
  • Sleep tracking improvements
  • Speed ​​improvements with Suunto app sync
  • Bug fixes that improve stability

New Suunto Plus apps

Suunto has also announced the addition of a few new Suunto Plus apps. These include tools for tracking pace and power zone durations, vertical training metrics, and specialized apps for ultra-walking and race pacing. The highly anticipated Stryd app will also join the Suunto Plus ecosystem.

Here the list:

  • Stryd app
  • Pace zone duration
  • Power zone duration
  • Vertical week
  • Vertical Race
  • Ultra Walking
  • Race Pacer

How to install the update

The update process is as follows. When your watch is connected to the Suunto app and an update is ready, it will download automatically. The watch will self-update overnight if it has at least a 50% battery charge. In addition to this you can initiate a manual update. Simply head over to your watch’s Settings > General > Software update. You’ll be notified there if there’s no software that can be installed.

Suunto update install

Early user feedback

Initial user reactions to the update are largely positive. Many users highlight the significantly improved UI responsiveness. The “Map ruler” tool and reminder to resume/end activities are also receiving praise. While some users expressed a desire for more groundbreaking features, the overall sentiment is that bug fixes and stability refinements are always welcome.

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  • For some users the update is a disaster, sync of activities doesn’t work. See


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