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Garmin quietly adds manual nap editing feature

If you’re a Garmin user who tracks sleep, you’re probably familiar with the nap detection feature they rolled out a while back. It’s pretty cool – your watch figures out when you’ve snuck in a daytime snooze. But, like all automatic features, it wasn’t perfect. The good news is that Garmin now gives you more control over the data.

The initial rollout of the long overdue automatic nap detection began with the Garmin Venu 3 in September 2023, and the feature has progressively expanded to other Garmin wearables. By utilising accelerometer data and other physiological metrics, Garmin watches aim to identify periods of daytime sleep. Naps that are captured cannot be more than 3 hours long – and they need to be outside of your normal sleep window.

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But let’s be honest, even the smartest algorithms aren’t perfect. Sometimes, a well-deserved afternoon snooze would slip under your Garmin’s radar. Other times, your watch would think you were catching some z’s when you were just binge-watching your favorite show in a particularly motionless state. This meant your sleep data, while generally insightful, could get a little fuzzy around the naps.

With the new manual editing functionality, Garmin users can now address these issues.

New manual nap editing feature

If you enjoyed an afternoon nap that your Garmin device didn’t record, you now have the power to add it to your sleep log. Additionally, the start and end times of automatically detected naps are now adjustable. This level of fine-tuning ensures your sleep statistics accurately represent your habits. Furthermore, if your watch mistakenly recorded a nap when you were simply still for an extended period, you can easily delete the false entry.

We’re not sure if this is an across-the-board rollout to all compatible watches. The feature is part of Garmin Connect so presumably it is.

Here are a few screenshots of the nap editing feature in the smartphone app

Why this is important

Beyond the convenience of correcting occasional errors, this feature offers deeper benefits for anyone interested in detailed sleep tracking. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to health data. Manual editing tools help ensure your sleep log genuinely reflects your reality, preventing skewed insights. Particularly as this info feeds into the Sleep Coaching feature, Recovery, Body Battery and some other metrics.

While a seemingly minor change, conversations in online communities like Reddit highlight the positive reception within the dedicated Garmin user base. It demonstrates that users value having this level of refinement over their data.

If you’re a Garmin watch owner who values detailed sleep tracking, check out the new feature. It can be found in the naps section in Garmin Connect.

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