Orange Pi Watch D Pro

Orange Pi’s bold claims: Can a smartwatch really measure blood sugar

Orange Pi, a name familiar to those in the world of single-board computers, is venturing into new territory with the unveiling of the Pi Watch D Pro. This smartwatch isn’t content with simply tracking your steps and heart rate – it boldly promises features that could transform the way we monitor our health.

The device was teased at a recent developer conference in China. Not everything is known about it, but the info that has been made available sounds promising.

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For years we have been hearing rumours about the potential integration of blood glucose tracking in smartwatches. Apple is said to be leading the way – at least in terms of research. But we are yet to see something materialise into a mainstream product.

Orange Pi hopes to change that.

The heart of the matter: Blood pressure & glucose tracking

The most striking aspect of its Pi Watch D Pro is its claim to offer non-invasive blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring. These vital health metrics typically require finger pricks or more specialized medical equipment. If Orange Pi can deliver on this promise, it would be a remarkable achievement with major implications for individuals managing conditions like hypertension or diabetes.

The company explains that the watch utilizes green light technology and advanced optical sensors to detect blood sugar changes and the related physiological variations within blood vessels. While this method has a sound scientific basis, the crucial question is whether it can achieve the level of accuracy needed for reliable health monitoring.

Orange Pi goes stated at the conference that the Watch D Pro could potentially be accurate enough to meet the standards required of medical devices when the wearer is at rest. It’s important to approach this claim with a degree of caution. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and such precision would necessitate rigorous independent testing.

Orange Pi Watch D Pro
Orange Pi Watch D Pro presented by Junichi Yamagishi

More than just a medical tool

Let’s not forget that the Orange Pi Watch D Pro is still fundamentally a smartwatch. Along with the potential breakthrough features, expect to see the usual array of health and fitness tracking, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and step counting. It’s also likely to integrate with your smartphone for notifications and other standard smartwatch functions.

Given Orange Pi’s background, the Watch D Pro’s initial appeal might be strongest among tech geeks and developers. However, if the promised health monitoring features prove accurate, it could find a much broader audience among anyone concerned about blood pressure management, diabetes, or simply taking proactive control of their health data.

Currently, much about the Orange Pi Watch D Pro remains under wraps. There’s no official word on a release date, pricing, or the full extent of its features. The true test will be whether the watch’s blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring live up to the hype in real-world conditions. Let’s hope they are successful.

Source: CNX Software

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