Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun review: Does it pack a punch?

Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun






Ease of use


Value for money



  • Excellent value for price
  • Powerful motor
  • Solid build quality
  • Effective for pain relief
  • Long battery life


  • Even lowest setting might be too powerful for a gentle massage
  • Could feel slightly bulky for extended use

I’ve been a fan of Bob & Brad’s no-nonsense approach to fitness gear for a while now. Their Q2 Mini Massage Gun, which I reviewed a couple of years ago, is a prime example. It delivers solid percussive massage in a compact, affordable package. The Q2 is all about portability and ease of use – perfect for a quick muscle pick-me-up at the gym or on the go. You can find my in-depth review here.

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I’ve just got my hands on the Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun, and this is a different beast altogether. It is a larger, much more powerful machine designed for serious athletes and those looking for a deep-tissue massage experience. If the Q2 was a convenient muscle relaxer, the T2 is your full-scale physiotherapy session in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need more than a gentle nudge to work out those stubborn knots and muscle tension. Does the Bob & Brad T2 deliver the goods? Let’s find out.

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Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun review: Design

Quality look & feel

The Bob and Brad T2 massage gun surprised me with its quality right out of the box. While not bulky, it has a satisfying weight that conveys durability. The materials exude a premium feel with a polished finish. The streamlined design and strategically placed silicone grip demonstrate clear attention to ergonomics and long-term comfort. It’s a far cry from the typical budget massage gun, feeling like a tool built to last. I would say the T2 definitely feels sturdier and better built than its $110 price tag might suggest.

The device comes with a functional little carrying case, a thoughtful addition for keeping everything organized during storage or travel. While naturally larger than the Q2’s case due to the T2’s size, it remains conveniently portable for trips.

The T2 itself boasts a sturdy build, featuring a matte black plastic housing with a comfortable rubber grip for secure handling. The transition to the glossy end-panel adds a touch of sleekness without compromising functionality.

As far as operation, the company has embraced minimalism. The massage gun has a single on/off button that is also used to switch between the different intensity levels. Next to it is a strip of LED lights indicating which of the speed levels you are currently in. Another strip of LEDs is at the bottom of the handle. This shows if the device is switched on and it is used as a battery level indicator.

I was pleasantly surprised by the T2’s quiet operation, especially given its powerful motor. While not silent, particularly at higher speeds, its noise level is noticeably less disruptive than other massage guns, making it a more relaxing experience.

Brad Bob T2 massage gun review

Attachments: Versatility for Every Muscle

The Bob & Brad T2 massage gun includes a standard yet versatile set of attachments, covering all the essentials for a complete massage experience. These different heads allow you to target specific muscle groups and experiment with various massage styles. Who needs an endless choice of attachments? Here we get a no nonsense package which allows you to work out all major muscle groups.

The classic ball head is my go-to choice for major muscles like quads, hamstrings, and glutes, or even joint soreness. For gentler relaxation of sensitive areas, the air cushion head is a great choice. The bullet head is your go-to for pinpointing deep tissue, trigger points, and smaller areas like feet and wrists. The U-shaped head is specifically designed for the spine, neck, and shoulders, while the versatile flat head provides a good option for all-around use.

However, it’s important to note that even the T2’s lowest speed settings deliver a powerful massage experience. Those with extremely sensitive areas or seeking a very light, relaxing massage might find the intensity overwhelming. If you fall into this category, be prepared for a powerful experience and consider starting with very short sessions.

If you prefer a gentler massage, the Q2 might be the better choice. It has a lower minimum RPM setting (1800 vs. the T2’s 2000) and a shorter vibration amplitude (7mm vs. the T2’s 10mm). This translates to a less intense, less percussive massage than the T2. While the Q2 can still deliver deep tissue work when pressed into the muscles, its overall feel is less aggressive.

Bob Brad T2 review

Battery life

I like that the type-C USB charging cable offers flexibility; I can easily recharge the T2 using my laptop, a power bank, or a standard wall adapter. In fact you can use any regular phone adapter or 5V/2A adaptor.

Charging time is between 2 and 3 hours, while the massage time is between 2 and 5 hours. This all depends on vibration frequency and massage pressure during use.

Up to 5 hours might not seem like a lot – but do the math. If you do a massage every day for 10 minutes, the device should be good for a good few weeks between charges. So the battery life is quite good, particularly as most people will not use it this often.

Brad Bob T2 massage gun review

Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun review: Technical specs

Here are the main specs. I’ve also listed the Q2 next to the T2 for comparison purposes.

T2 Massage Gun
Q2 Massage Gun
5 speed settings – 2000 to 3200 rpm
5 speed settings – 1800 to 3000 rpm
5.4 x 2.4 x 7.6 inch (L x W x H)
5.7 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches (L x W x H)
Stall force
Working noise
Battery capacity
4000 mAh
2500 mAh
Battery life
2-5 hours (working time depends on vibration frequency and massage pressure during use)
up to 2 hours
Charging time
270 minutes
210 minutes
Fork Head, Ball Head, Bullet Head, Air Cushion Head, Flat Head
Fork Head, Ball Head, Bullet Head, Air Cushion Head, Flat Head


Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun review: How to use

Getting started with your Bob and Brad T2 massage gun is remarkably intuitive. There are no smartphone apps and absolutely nothing for you to install – it is just you and the massage gun. Which is great as it simplifies things. I have way to many apps installed on my phone as it is!

As with all electrical equipment with chargeable batteries, make sure to charge the thing to full before first use. Then select a massage head. Double-check that the massage head is fully inserted into the main unit with the buckle in the slot, so that it doesn’t fall out during use. Removal of the massage head is simply done by pulling it.

To operate the device, a long press of the single button turns the T2 on. Short presses of the same button cycle between the five intensity levels. The device features two automatic shutoffs to conserve battery life and prevent overheating: after 10 minutes of continuous use, it powers off, and if on standby, it shuts down after 20 seconds.

The gun has a high stall force, meaning you can apply firm pressure without the motor stopping. So its quite a powerful machine. Plus the vibration in the hand is modest.

I found the T2’s strong motor to be excellent for working out knots, relieving muscle soreness, and aiding post-workout recovery. Or simply for pampering yourself at the end of a hard day. Overall I’ve noticed a reduction in tight knots and overall relaxation.

As mentioned, the T2 feels well-constructed, with a reassuring weight that conveys quality. While this weightiness adds to the sense of durability, prolonged use might feel slightly cumbersome for some, especially when trying to massage hard-to-reach areas. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Bob Brad T2 review

Safety is paramount. As with all massage devices, it’s vital to avoid submerging the T2 in water or any other liquid. Limiting sessions to 30 minutes maximum, with cool-down breaks in between, is also strongly recommended. Additionally, avoid using the gun directly on or around your head, genitals, or other highly sensitive body parts. It’s all common sense, really.

Experiment with different attachments to find your favorites and start with a lower speed, gradually increasing as needed. Focus on tight areas, applying light to moderate pressure for a few minutes per area. If you have any issues, Bob & Brad’s customer service is generally known for being helpful and responsive.

Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun review: The Verdict

The Bob and Brad T2 has quickly become an indispensable part of my fitness regimen and a great alternative to the Q2. Its robust build quality inspires confidence in its long-term reliability, while the straightforward controls and customizable attachments make it versatile across various muscle groups and massage preferences. The powerful motor delivers an intense massage experience, perfect for deep tissue relief, but it’s important to remember that massage guns are subjective – that same intensity might be too much for those seeking a gentler experience.

Overall, the Bob and Brad T2 massage gun boasts a strong reputation, offering excellent performance relative to its price point. I would consider it a great value for money alternative to much pricier models like the Theragun. The intuitive controls, ergonomic design, and array of attachments all contribute to its ease of use.

Bob & Brad T2 Mini Massage Gun

Bob & Brad T2 Mini Massage Gun
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Potential buyers should carefully consider the T2’s intensity levels and its slightly heavier weight, as these might not suit everyone’s preferences or needs. However, if you seek a powerful, well-built massage gun with excellent value and don’t mind an intense massage, the Bob and Brad T2 is definitely worth your serious consideration.

This device typically retails around the $110 mark (check price on Amazon). But often you can find it on sale for under $100, in which case you’re getting an absolute steal! Think about it – it costs the same as one massage, but the benefits last way longer.

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