Fitbit cheats: A guide to adjusting your step count (ethically)

Alright, fellow Fitbiters! We’ve all been there. You’re hustling, step by step, working hard to hit that satisfying daily step goal. Then, life happens. You forget to wear your Fitbit or a random glitch throws off your count. Luckily, there’s a fix.

Walking is good for you. We all know that. And some users have devised all sorts of ingenious methods to boost their step counts. These range from the practical (always taking the stairs, parking far away from stores) to the downright comical (marching in place while folding laundry, chasing after kids). Some even find unique ways to incorporate movement into everyday tasks, like swinging their arms while grocery shopping or pacing around the kitchen while cooking.

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However, the line between harmless fun and outright cheating can blur, especially when workplace step challenges and financial incentives enter the picture. Some employees have resorted to questionable tactics to outpace their colleagues, such as strapping their Fitbits to hyperactive pets, attaching them to power tools, or even letting their kids wear them for the day. Not good.

But what if you simply forgot to wear your Fitbit? Perhaps you were in a rush to get to work in the morning and it was left on your bedside table. Well, there’s a fix for that.

The Fitbit step adjustment hack: Your quick fix

Things happen. While technically a “cheat,” this is also a handy fix for those moments when life simply gets in the way.

Here’s how to adjust your step count quickly and easily:

  1. Sync your Fitbit: Open your Fitbit app and ensure it’s fully synced with your device. Whether you’re using the Android or iOS app, the process is the same.
  2. Identify the missing hour: Look through your step history and find the hour where you missed tracking steps. Let’s say it was around noon.
  3. Log a walk: Go to your home screen and tap the “+” button. Select “Manually log Activity” and then choose “Log Walk.”
  4. Set the Time, Duration, Distance: Scroll back to the missed hour. Set the start time for early in the hour and enter a duration. Then add the distance.
  5. Sync and celebrate: Tap “Save,” and watch your Fitbit step count magically increase! The key here is distance – the number of steps your daily step count increases depends on the distance entered.

It’s worth noting, the steps you manually add this way won’t count towards badges, challenges, or leaderboards. They’re solely for your personal daily step goal. It’s similar to tracking steps on another device while your Fitbit is at home – helpful for accuracy, but not for those extra rewards.

While the occasional step adjustment in the Fitbit app can be a lifesaver for genuine errors, let’s keep it real – the goal is to use your Fitbit as a tool to motivate and inspire you to move more, not to find shortcuts or game the system. We’re all about those healthy habits and honest progress here. So, use this guide wisely, Fitbit fam, and let’s keep those steps legit!

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