Zepp Health unveils Zepp Flow 1.4: Enhanced replies, calling & more

Zepp Health has announced the release of Zepp Flow 1.4. It brings enhanced features, expanded availability, and new device support.

To remind, Zepp Flow is an AI-powered voice assistant that is gradually being rolled out to Amazfit smartwatches. It allows users to interact with their smartwatch using voice commands. Users can ask Zepp Flow to check health data, start workouts, control music, and more.

The rollout of Zepp Flow has been gradual. As per the schedule detailed here. The Amazfit GTR 4 is not listed for the update. The reasons for this are unclear. But a slew of other watches are.

Zepp Flow 1.4: What’s new?

The company is now bumping up the assistant to version 1.4. This update introduces enhanced features, expanded device compatibility, and wider regional availability.

For starters, the update redefines how users interact with notifications on their Android-based Amazfit smartwatches. They can now reply to messages directly from the notification details page using the full range of Zepp Flow skills.

A simple long-press of the physical button activates Zepp Flow, allowing users to dictate their response. The response is then displayed for confirmation before being sent, allowing you to check that all is okay.

Zepp Flow 1.4

Another feature of Zepp Flow 1.4 is the introduction of Bluetooth calling directly from the smartwatch. Users can initiate calls to their favorite contacts or dial any number without reaching for their phone. For Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra users, this feature requires a Bluetooth headset for optimal audio quality.

Zepp Flow 1.4

Amazfit is committed to making Zepp Flow accessible to users worldwide. Zepp Flow 1.4 expands the assistant’s reach to the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan and Korea) and Latin America (excluding Brazil).

Enhanced health and activity features

Zepp Flow 1.4 also introduces a suite of new features designed to empower users in their health and fitness journey.

Users now have greater control over their activity tracking with the ability to enable or disable stand reminders, goal notifications and progress reminders. For those monitoring blood oxygen levels, low oxygen alerts can be customized as needed.

Additionally, Zepp Flow now offers stress relief reminders and guided breathing exercises of various durations. Personalized health suggestions can be toggled on or off, and for uninterrupted workouts, users can now opt for automatic screen lock.

It’s all about AI

Over the next month, Zepp Flow 1.4 will be progressively rolled out to a range of Amazfit smartwatches, including the Amazfit Cheetah Pro, Cheetah (Round), Cheetah (Square), T-Rex Ultra, and Falcon. This expanded device compatibility ensures that more users can enjoy the benefits of the AI assistant.

AI has been all the rage in the past year, and that is only going to intensify in the years ahead. AI assistants are the future. With this in mind, Zepp Flow will likely become an even more integral part of the Amazfit smartwatch ecosystem.

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