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Garmin June 2024 update: New features for watches & cycling computers

Garmin has made official its quarterly update document. The June 2024 edition brings a few new features and enhancements to its line of smartwatches and cycling computers. Many of these have been available for a while for those in the Beta programme, but they are now rolling out to other users as a public release.

New features

Some of the standout features in this update include:

  • Find my phone: This ingenious feature continuously stores your phone’s location during a GPS activity, ensuring that even if your phone becomes lost or disconnected, you can easily retrace your steps and locate it. Its something those who cycle often can find of use.
  • Garmin Messenger: This new app allows for two-way text messaging directly from your smartwatch, keeping you connected on the go. But you do need an In-reach device in order for this to work.
  • Pin Drop Navigation: The Pin Drop Navigation feature allows users to share points of interest from their iPhone’s Maps app to their Garmin device, facilitating seamless routing and navigation. Whether you’re discovering hidden gems in a new city or planning a scenic bike route, this feature simplifies the process and ensures you never miss a turn.
  • SRAM AXS Integration: For cycling lovers, the integration with SRAM AXS electronic shifting is a worthy upgrade. This allows users to control and configure data pages on their Edge cycling computer directly from their shifters, eliminating the need to remove their hands from the handlebars.

Additional enhancements

While the aforementioned features are undoubtedly the highlights of this update, Garmin has also included a plethora of other enhancements. The Jet Lag Adviser helps users acclimate to new time zones more effectively, while the Turn Point Enhancements improve navigation and routing capabilities. 

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The addition of a Walk Indoor Activity profile caters to those who prefer indoor workouts, and the Recovery Heart Rate feature for low-impact activities provides valuable insights into recovery. To remind, the company has recently introduced automatic tracking of recovery heart rate after an activity. Furthermore, users can now add self-evaluation to a wider range of activities, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of their performance.


The June 2024 update is being rolled out gradually, with some users already enjoying the new features while others eagerly await their turn. You can see which devices already have the features and which will be getting them in table below.

Garmin Quarterly Update

Garmin encourages users to enable automatic updates or utilize Garmin Express software to ensure they receive the update as soon as it becomes available for their device. Or you can just manually check for the update yourself.

It’s fair to say that this is an iterative software refresh – with no major new health and fitness features this time around. But that might be about to change as we are expecting new Garmin watches to drop in the months ahead. No doubt they will bring more significant new features, some of which will hopefully roll out to owners of older devices.

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One thought on “Garmin June 2024 update: New features for watches & cycling computers

  • About the Garmin Messenger watch app.
    You do not need an InReach device for it to work.
    I have it installed on my Forerunner 965.
    However both the sender and receiver do need the Garmin Messenger App installed and registered with a login on their phones.
    You actually dont even need a Garmin watch, but if you do, it just means you can send, receive and even type new messages using a watch on screen keyboard.


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