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Travel just got easier: Garmin Forerunners beat jet lag

A bunch of new Garmin watches have just received the Jet Lag Advisor, including the Forerunner 255, 265, 955 and 965. In this article we revisit the feature and explain how to use it.

Your circadian rhythm is a powerful force, but it’s also adaptable. By carefully managing when you’re exposed to light, modifying when you sleep, and choosing the right times for exercise, you can send signals to your body that help it adjust to a new time zones more quickly.

The Jet Lag Advisor is not new. It first made its debut on the Garmin MARQ Gen 2 series back in October 2022. This was followed, a couple of months later, by the Garmin Fenix 7 range, Epix Gen 2, Enduro 2, Quatix 7 and Marq 2.

A Beta update that started rolling out yesteday brings the feature to the recent crop of Garmin Forerunner watches. As they say, better late than never!

This is an early firmware refresh that marks the start of the Q2 update cycle. Which means you need to manually initiate the install, and be registered as Beta user.

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Some users have noticed the feature is not live after upgrading the firmware. But have subsequently spotted the addition in Garmin Connect. So some server side upgrade needs to be done from Garmin’s side before you see the Jet Lag Advisor feature. Toggling the Garmin Connect option to enable the Beta version of the smartphone software might hasten this process.

How the Jet Lag Advisor feature works

Garmin’s Jet Lag Advisor tackles the challenge of time zone changes and long flights. The app and watch widget provide personalized insights into your jet lag level and offer strategies for optimizing your sleep, exercise, and light exposure routines to speed up your adjustment.

Here’s how to activate this helpful feature:

  1. Plan your trip: Head to the “Training & Planning” section within the “more” area of your Garmin Connect app. Select “Jet Lag Adviser” and then “Add Trip Details.”
  2. Destination details: Input your destination(s) and travel dates. The app can handle multi-city itineraries and even one-way journeys. Make sure to stay flexible by updating the app if your schedule changes. Otherwise, the suggestions might be unsensical.
  3. Sync up: Hit “Finish” and sync your watch. Your trip will show up as an event in your Garmin Connect calendar.

When you reach your destination, refer to your Garmin Connect app or watch widget (which you may need to manually add the first time around) for jet lag guidance. You’ll find tips on sleep, light management, and using exercise to reset your body’s internal clock.

Garmin Jet Lag

Jet lag throws a wrench into the best-laid plans. Whether you’re traveling for a business conference or a dream vacation, the fatigue, disorientation, and general malaise of jet lag can derail your experience. The Jet Lag Advisor empowers you to combat these effects. By understanding your body’s unique response to travel and receiving targeted advice, you can minimize those sluggish days and maximize your enjoyment of your destination.

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