Google Pixel Watch quarterly update: Car crash detection & more

Following an update a few months ago that focused on fitness and navigation features for the original Pixel Watch, Google has now released a substantial update for the Pixel Watch 2 in June 2024.

The March Pixel Watch update added several new features. But they were predominantly for the 1st generation device which is playing catchup. This includes automatic workout detection, pace training, heart zone training, guided breathing exercises and public transit directions. It was good to see owners of the older watch getting some love from Google.

Now the company is rolling out some upgrades to the second generation device. These come as part of the quarterly June 2024 Pixel drop.

June quarterly update: what’s new?

This latest update introduces a suite of features designed to enhance the functionality and safety of the second generation watch.

Car crash detection: This is a long-standing feature of Pixel smartphones. Now it is coming to the Pixel Watch 2. Let’s just hope you never need to use it!

The watch utilizes its sensors to detect potential car crashes. If a crash is detected, the timepiece will check on the wearer and automatically alert emergency services and trusted contacts if no response is received. You, of course, need to set up all the SOS contact info beforehand.

Google Pixel Watch 2 June update

Bicycle fall detection: This feature is similar to Car Crash Detection. But as its name implies, it focuses on detecting bicycle falls. The functionality builds upon the existing Fall Detection feature, potentially providing enhanced detection capabilities for cycling incidents.

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PayPal support in wallet: While not exclusive to the Pixel Watch 2, this feature, rolled out in May as part of the Android Feature Drop. It enables users to make contactless payments using PayPal directly from their watch through Google Wallet.

New Google Home features: These features, also part of the Android Feature Drop, are available on all Wear OS 4 watches. Enhancements include new complications for specific watch faces, a dedicated Google Home tile, and a broader range of smart home controls.

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