Google Pixel Watch 3: Leaked renders reveal larger XL variant

The Google Pixel Watch 3 has been the subject of much speculation, with rumors swirling about its potential features and design. In our previous article, we covered the renders of the expected standard variant. Now, newly leaked renders have surfaced, revealing a potential larger “XL” model.

As before, the pics come from renowned leaker @OnLeaks, this time in collaboration with Android Headlines. While these renders are not official confirmations from Google, they are apparently based on images of the real thing.

The most striking revelation here is the potential existence of the Pixel Watch 3 XL. And yes, that’s what it will reportedly be named.

Bigger and better? Pixel Watch 3 XL possibilities

This larger model is rumored to sport a 1.45-inch display, a significant jump from the standard model’s 1.2-inch screen. The dimensions are expected to come in at 45 x 45 x 13.89 mm, strangely enough making it slightly thinner than the non-XL variant (40.79 x 40.73 x 14 mm).

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL

Interestingly, the renders also reveal a wider watch band connector on the XL model, suggesting that it may not be compatible with existing Pixel Watch bands. That’s actually to be expected because of math. A narrow band simply wouldn’t match up with the curve of a bigger watch. It is similar to how Apple has different bands for the large and small version of its watch.

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL

The overall design appears to be pretty much the same as the current generation – which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL

A user on Reddit posted a comparison between the two sizes of the Gen 3 model. You can see it below. But take the image with a grain of salt as it is not known currently how thick the bezels will be on the XL version of the device.

Google Pixel Watch 3 vs 3 XL

Speculation and what’s next

Perhaps the most exciting prospect of the Pixel Watch 3 XL is potential for improved battery life. A larger watch case could accommodate a larger battery, addressing one of the most common complaints about the current iteration. It can only keep going for about a day or two between charges. While specific details about battery capacity haven’t been leaked, it’s reasonable to expect that the Pixel Watch 3 XL could offer longer usage time.

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As someone who has the Pixel Watch 2, I must say I am looking forward to a larger edition of the device. It will be the better option for those with large wrists. You can check out my hands on review of the second generation device on this link.

Beyond the leaked renders, other rumors suggest the Pixel Watch 3 could feature new health tracking capabilities and upgraded internals. However, it’s important to remind once again that these are just speculations at this point, and Google has yet to officially confirm any details.

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