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Pixel Watch 2 & tattoos: A promising update for inked wrists

Wearables continue to evolve, but not without their unique set of challenges. For example, tech and tattoos haven’t always mixed well, and the Pixel Watch range is no exception. However, the June feature drop may be a step closer to fixing the issue.

Beneath the Pixel Watch’s elegant facade lies a sophisticated heart rate sensor that relies on light conduction. However, for those adorned with tattoos, this technology can encounter a roadblock. The ink beneath your skin can interfere with the sensor’s ability to accurately measure your ticker, leading to potential inaccuracies or even malfunctions. Put simply, tattoos can throw the sensor readings off.

Of course, this issue isn’t unique to the Pixel Watch—Apple’s smartwatch has faced similar challenges. To this end they introduced an update a few months ago that enhances wrist detection and heart rate accuracy for a wider range of tattoos. This addresses a long-standing concern among inked Apple Watch users. The exact details of how they’ve done this is not clear. Presumably, the optical sensor kicks into a higher power mode if it has trouble obtaining readings.

Challenges of wearing a Pixel Watch with tattoos

In parallel, Google has also been making improvements.

The Pixel Watch uses four light sensors to measure heart rate. So if one is not working, the others may still be able to read your heart rate. But this may not always be the case. So the heart rate sensor may be spotty, but will still connect sometimes. Hopefully, enough for it to work okay.

Wearing the watch loosely or using epoxy stickers may help the sensor make better contact with the skin. Some people recommend turning off the feature that locks the watch when it is not being worn. That way they can avoid the device locking itself if no heart rate is detected. As this can be very annoying.

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The good news is that the most recent software update for the Pixel Watch 2, which is currently rolling out, seems to have made advancements on this issue. Users on social media are reporting better accuracy and responsiveness following the update, which represents a promising shift towards more inclusive technology.

Pixel Watch and tattoos can be worn together, but there are some potential problems that people with tattoos may experience. If you have tattoos on your wrist and want to wear a Pixel Watch, be sure to follow the tips above.

And make sure to install this latest update. It also brings other features such as car crash detection, bicycle fall detection, and PayPal support for contactless payments through Google Wallet. Additionally, the update enhances Google Home integration with new complications, a dedicated tile, and expanded smart home controls.

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