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Discover the most downloaded Amazfit apps and essential IoT mini-apps

Amazfit watch owners have growing number of apps to choose from. In this article we showcase up-to-date rankings of the most popular apps.

The Amazfit watch operating system, Zepp OS, is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. While it is not as comprehensive as what can be found on the Apple Watch or Wear OS, its streamlined nature significantly helps with battery life. This efficiency allows Amazfit watches to go a long time between charges, making them ideal for users who are after a fitness watch.

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The caveat here is that the app ecosystem is not as rich as those on more established platforms. But it is steadily growing. The most popular apps show diverse functionality, from navigation to health monitoring. If you haven’t tried these apps yet, it might be time to explore what they offer.

Top 10 apps by weekly downloads (up to 17/6/2024)

The first table shows the distribution of the top 10 apps by weekly downloads. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Remotify leads with 20% of the weekly downloads. This app allows users to remotely control music playback and browse playlists from Spotify app on your phone with an Amazfit smartwatch.
  2. Navigation Wear follows closely at 17%. It’s indispensable for users who rely on their Amazfit devices for navigation. The app shows navigation directions from your smartphone on your smartwatch.
  3. Calorie Intake Record holds 14%. This health app helps users track their daily calorie intake, a crucial feature for the health conscious folks.
  4. Other notable apps include Water Time, Calculator, and Notify for Maps – Android, indicating a blend of utility and health-focused applications.
Popular Amazfit apps

Top 10 apps by total downloads

The second table shifts focus to the total downloads, revealing long-term user preferences. Once again, we get many of the same names.

  1. Navigation Wear remains dominant with 18% of total downloads, showcasing its long-standing utility.
  2. Calculator is significant at 16%, highlighting its necessity for everyday calculations.
  3. Remotify continues to be popular at 14%, underlining its ongoing relevance.
  4. Entries like AI Chat and Tic-Tac-Toe game suggest that users also appreciate interactive and entertaining apps on their wearables.
Popular Amazfit apps

Beyond the top downloaded apps, there are several IoT mini-apps that can significantly enhance the functionality of your Amazfit device:

  • Body Temperature Monitoring: Especially useful in current times, this app helps users keep track of their body temperature, providing early warnings for potential health issues.
  • Air Quality Measurement: For those living in urban areas, monitoring air quality can be vital for maintaining respiratory health. This app gives real-time updates on the air quality around you.
  • Sonos Control: Music lovers can control their Sonos speakers directly from their Amazfit device, making it a convenient addition for those who enjoy seamless music control.

Final word

The growing list of apps is encouraging for Amazfit watch users. Zepp Health is obviously putting lots of focus in this area. So far this year, the company has not released that many new devices. But what we have been getting is lots of software upgrades. Most of the recent crop of watches and many older devices have been running new versions of the ZeppOS operating system. Some of these are on ZeppOS 3.5, others have recently been upgraded to ZeppOS 3.0. There’s even talk ZeppOS 4.0 might be around the corner!

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