Amazfit OS update: Speculation points to ZeppOS 4

Zepp Health is gearing up for a major announcement, teased recently on the ZeppOS Twitter account. There’s growing speculation that this may pertain to the launch of ZeppOS 4.

Most recent Amazfit watches are now on Zepp OS 3.+. The first version of that operating system landed a couple of years back.

The Amazfit Balance ushered in version 3.5 of the operating system. This brought with it Zepp Flow, an intelligent conversation engine that allows users to interact with their smartwatch using voice commands. Users can ask Zepp Flow to inquire about health metrics, start workouts, control music, adjust settings, and navigate apps. The update also includes other improvements, such as offline maps, image message syncing, and enhanced health and fitness tracking.

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A bunch of other Amazfit watches have been upgraded to Zepp OS 3.5 in recent months. The latest was the Amazfit Active in early May. Currently, the company is Beta testing the same software on the T-Rex Ultra and Falcon models, indicating upcoming upgrades to this operating system version in the near future.

Now speculation is rife the company is preparing the next generation of its operating system.

Is ZeppOS 4 about to land?

There’s a lone teaser message on the ZeppOS Twitter account hinting, “Something amazing is coming to Zepp OS! Can you guess what it is? We are now starting to plan! Please give us your thoughts!”

The prominent display of the number four leads to speculation that this could be a nod to Zepp OS 4. Potentially debuting at a launch event in Paris?

Then again, it could also have something to do with ChatGPT 4 and its integration into ZeppOS. But considering Zepp Health has its own AI we think this is less likely.

Looking ahead, Zepp OS 4 is expected to focus more on enhancing user interaction through smarter AI integration, potentially introducing advanced natural language processing capabilities for improved voice commands. The new software might also expand health monitoring features, possibly including real-time health advice and more personalized fitness programs based on AI analysis of user data. Additionally, there could be improvements in battery efficiency and expanded support for a range of third-party apps and accessories.

With ZeppOS 4 possibly on the horizon, it will be intriguing to see which devices will receive the upgrade. The Amazfit Balance and forthcoming models are likely candidates, though it remains uncertain whether older devices will qualify for the update.

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