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Amazfit Active gets smarter with ZeppOS 3.5 & Zepp Flow

The Amazfit Active just got smarter with a brand new firmware update that’s making its rounds. Users are getting access to the upgraded ZeppOS 3.5 and Zepp Flow, well ahead of the original late June schedule.

Overview of ZeppOS 3.5

At the heart of firmware version is the introduction of Zepp OS 3.5. This is a leap from the previous version 2.1. Amongst other things, this update brings enhanced stability and speed, promising a smoother and more responsive experience for users.

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Also arriving is Zepp Flow, an innovative conversational AI. Unlike traditional voice assistants, Zepp Flow doesn’t require specific wake words or commands. Instead, it understands and processes natural language, enabling seamless and intuitive interactions.

With Zepp Flow, you can control various aspects of your Amazfit Active. From initiating workouts and checking health metrics to managing music playback and adjusting settings, Zepp Flow simplifies your smartwatch experience.

The firmware update doesn’t stop at ZeppOS 3.5 and Zepp Flow. It also includes:

  • Enhanced messaging compatibility: Users can now view WhatsApp image messages directly on their watch, although this feature is limited to Android users.
  • Upgraded activity tracking: The ‘Track Run’ feature has been improved to support lap segmenting and on-the-go modifications, which is a boon for runners looking to optimize their training sessions.
  • Expanded workout options: New workout types like Climbing and Hiking have been added, catering to a wider range of outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
Amazfit Active update

Installing the update

To get the latest firmware on your Amazfit Active, simply connect your watch to the internet and pair it with the Zepp app on your smartphone. Then, navigate to the ‘Device’ section within the app and tap on ‘Check for updates’. If an update is available, you can download and install it. Keep your watch connected throughout the installation process, which requires around 8.41 MB of storage space. As always, this is a gradual rollout so give it a few days f it hasn’t reached you yet.

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