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WellBe wants to help you destress

WellBe is an elegant, light-weight bracelet and mobile app designed to support your emotional well-being. The bracelet monitors your heart rate and uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day.

The company raised nearly $190,000 on Indiegogo last year and is about to start shipping the bracelet to its backers. Crafted from cork, the device is durable and soft against your skin. WellBe is now raising additional funds through Kickstarter. Only a few days in, they have already raised more than $53,000. The Kickstarter delivery is set for September, if you hurry you can still pick up the tracker at a discounted price of $109.

WellBe wants to help you destress
Image source: WellBe

Stress is sometimes called the ‘Epidemic of the 21st century’. Over two-thirds of office visits to physicians are for stress related illnesses. Stress is also called the ‘silent killer’ as it contributes either directly or indirectly, to a host of medical conditions. The medical costs alone have been estimated in the United States at well over $1 billion dollars per year.

The WellBe will provide you with an overview of your stress triggers through the smartphone app, which also offers many programs geared towards helping you retain a calm state of being. These programs include 7, 14, and 21 days plans and include a variety of mindfulness exercises such as: meditation; focused breathing and guided imagination.

Mindfulness and meditation have been proven as highly effective ways to release stress and have many positive effects on sleep, productivity as well as lasting good feeling. Based on the analysis of your stress/calmness levels before and after the meditations, the app offers you a personalized playlist of programs that are likely to have the most positive effect on you. Rather conveniently, you also can set the app to send you an alert when your stress level exceeds a certain level, along with a suggested program to bring you back to bliss.

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In the world of wearable technology, tracking steps, distance, calories and sleep is typically the main goal. A growing number of devices are, however, trying to gauge your state of mind. Reducing your stress levels can not only make you feel better right now, but it may also protect your health in the long-term.

Check out the official product video.


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