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The new Polar H10 chest strap is now available

Polar has today announced global availability of its new H10 chest strap (view on Amazon). Originally announced at CES 2017, the new product is an updated version of Polar’s best selling H7 heart rate monitor.

Just like its predecessor, the H10 includes a soft fabric chest strap that seamlessly adapts to your body shape. There is now a new buckle mechanism and silicone dots that help keep it in place during training.

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Image source: Polar

The heart rate sensor strap connects via Bluetooth to your fitness app or training device. It allows you to monitor your real-time heart rate while you train, review and analyze it during or after workouts.

The H10 provides advanced heart rate monitoring and features an entirely new measuring algorithm. Polar has built into the strap interference-preventing electrodes that help ensure heart rate is captured accurately.

The H10 also now provides internal memory. This can be handy in situations where you want to leave your phone behind when you go for your training session, for example when playing soccer, volleyball or basketball. The tracker can only store one heart rate training session at a time so you need to sync right after the session.

Other improvements include GoPro compatibility so you can overlay your heart rate data onto recorded video, updatable firmware and enhanced battery life (up from 200 to 400 hours).

You can use your Polar H10 strap with a number of Polar products as well as other compatible gym equipment. The device is waterproof so you can wear it for swimming although the Bluetooth connectivity will not work.

If you want a reliable heart-rate monitor and can live with strapping onto your chest, the H10 is now one of the best options out there (view on Amazon.)


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