DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball: gamify your training

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball: gamify your training

DribbleUp, the makers of the popular connected basketball, have just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a soccer ball that gamifies your training.

Soccer is the third-most played team sport in the US, behind only basketball and baseball. It is estimated that over 24 million Americans play the sport. The popularity of the game has been growing since the 1970s, and received a significant boost when the US hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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The ball comes from two young brothers in Brooklyn. Just like their DribbleUP basketball, most of the clever work is done by the accompanying smartphone app rather than the ball itself. The app tracks the ball in real-time using the smartphone camera, analyses thousands of data points and synthesises this into training feedback. Interactive skills and drills include shooting, juggling and ground work.

“I sincerely believe that in the future every sports ball will have an app, it’s just so obvious,” said DribbleUp CEO Eric Forkosh.

“Every soccer ball today – no matter the price – works the same way it worked a century ago. We’re using technology to make soccer balls that deliver a more magic lexperience while helping players take their game to the next level.”

The virtual trainer provides audio feedback and grades your performance at the end of each drill. No worries if you are just starting out. The app adopts to the player’s skill level making it a useful whether you are a 4 year old or a professional soccer player.

Best of all, there are no batteries and nothing to charge except your smartphone. Because it doesn’t have any electronics inside, the regulation size and weight ball can be used in all weather conditions for actual games.

This is not the first connected soccer ball. It is Adidas miCoach that carries that lofty title. It is the first ball, though, that gamifies your training.

Price: $49 and up

Funding open: 

$4,437 pledged of $10,000 goal
29 days left

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball: gamify your training

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