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Samsung’s new Gear S smartwatch to launch next week

The next watch in Samsung’s Gear S series will make its debut next week.

DJ Koh, the president of the tech giant’s mobile division, confirmed to CNBC that the next generation device will make an appearance in Berlin at IFA next week. Now in its 57th year, the annual event is Europe’s largest tech show. Last year over 250,000 attended.

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The planned launch will come only weeks ahead of the Apple Watch Series 3, which could be announced alongside the iPhone 8 in September. The new device is likely to be called Gear S4 but few actual details have emerged on specs. Samsung has yet to release a wearable so far in 2017.

Koh made further comments on the current crop of smartwatches, saying they leave a lot to be desired in terms of health sensors. His company currently has an app called Samsung Health which can monitor vitals signs such as heart rate and stress level through connected fitness trackers and smartwatches.

“If we can put in place properly a smartwatch that can monitor everything for your health and provide the information, then the market will grow,” Koh told CNBC.

“Today’s sensors do not look like enough.”

Lets hope this is not just talk, and we see something truly new and different. Its been a while since we’ve seen something ground-breaking on the health sensor front. The news follows from the release of detailed specs and pictures of Samsung’s upcoming Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker. Both devices are likely to make an appearance at IFA.

Source: CNBC

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