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Nike releases a version of its Training Club app for the Apple Watch

Nike has launched an Apple Watch version of its Training Club app. It provides users with over 180 free workouts, without the need to refer to a smartphone in the midst of a session.

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Touted as one of the smartest training tools around, the Nike Training Club app features a variety of workouts. This includes everything from strength and endurance training to mobility and yoga. Workouts have been curated with advice from world-class Nike Master Trainers and elite athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and Isaiah Thomas.

Nike releases a version of its Training Club app for the Apple Watch
Image source: Nike

The Apple Watch edition of the app provides mosts of the benefits of the smartphone version. But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that users can check on progress without having to refer to their smartphone. This allows them to focus on their exercises and setting new personal bests.

“The resounding feedback from athletes worldwide was that they wanted us to put the best training app onto Apple Watch,” said Nike VP of Category Digital Product Innovation Mike McCabe.

“I think we’ve done it in a way that will make it an intuitive and invaluable training tool.”

Mind you, a workout session still needs to be started from the phone. But from then everything can be done on the Apple Watch. Info on the required number of repetitions, time remaining of a drill, heart rate and calories burned is all displayed on the wrist. The app also brings haptic feedback so in some cases you won’t even need to look at the watch. And there is quick access to music controls in case you need some tunes to motivate you.

The Nike Training Club app can be downloaded from the App Store. Its available as part as part of a free update to the existing iPhone app. It also connects to Apple Health, where you can keep track of all your workouts and Activity Rings.

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