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Apple kills off Beddit sleep monitor, cloud service to shut down

Sleep tracking gadget Beddit has released an app update today saying its shutting down its cloud service on November 15th, 2018. The outfit behind the gizmo was acquired by Apple in May last year.

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Many have speculated the reason Apple purchased the Finish-based startup was to acquire its proprietary sleep tracking software. After the acquisition, the Cupertino outfit continued sales of the device and even integrated the Beddit support into its regular support channels.

For a few months, though, the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor was listed as “Sold Out” on Apple’s website and Amazon. Its available now but the user reviews are mixed.

Ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring
Image source: Beddit

Beddit turns your bed into a smart bed. Now on its third generation, it uses Bluetooth 4.0, Apple iBeacon and ballistocardiographs for totally automated sleep measurement.

Thin as two sheets of paper, the sleep tracker is unnoticeable. All you need to do is place the sensor under your bed sheet. In the morning, you can check your sleep time, sleeping patterns, resting heart rate, breathing frequency and snoring time.

“Starting with this update, new users will no longer be able to use Beddit Cloud. Existing users will also not be able to use Beddit Cloud starting November 15, 2018,” reads today’s App Store update.

It remains to be seen whether customers will still be able to use the product to their satisfaction once cloud support shuts down. Its also unclear as to what Apple intends will do with the sleep hardware and software. With battery life lingering around the 24 hour mark, its clear the technology cannot make it into the Apple watch just yet.

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