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CES 2019: Halo Sport 2 makes neuropriming more affordable

Halo Neuroscience has announced the second generation of its neuropriming wearable. Halo Sport 2 comes with design upgrades, Bluetooth music, improved sound quality and a more affordable price.

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Launched a couple of years ago, the original Halo Sport uses pulses of energy to prime the brain, powering athletes’ most effective workouts. This is called Neuropriming.

What this does is, it essentially uses pulses of energy to signal the motor cortex, improving the brain’s response to training, essentially putting the brain into a temporary state of ‘hyperlearning’. When paired with workouts, Halo Sport accelerates gains in strength, explosiveness and dexterity.

It also allows users to learn skills quickly due to more rapid neural circuitry development. So if you’ve been struggling with those piano or guitar lessons, this might be the answer!

Halo Sport was originally only available to professional athletes, but availability was extended to the general public last year. The only problem is the headset came with a hefty $699 price-tag.

CES 2019: Halo Sport 2 makes neuropriming more affordable
Image source: Halo

Step in Halo Sport 2.

Revealed at CES 2019, the new headband sells for a much more reasonable $399. If you pre-order now for delivery in April, you can slash a further $100 of that price.

The new headset has undergone a design, part of which has seen Halo Sport’s 3 Primers consolidated into a single Primer band. The new Primer band does not need to be recharged, unlike the original.

Halo Sport 2 has built-in Bluetooth audio for an entirely wireless experience and improved sound quality in line with high-end headphones. The accompanying smartphone app has also seen a number of upgrades and now features tracking, reminders and brain training tips.

Halo Sport 2 may give you that extra edge, making your 2019 goals a bit easier to reach. To find out more or pre-order, head over to

Source: Halo Neuroscience

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