Cardiogram now plays nice with Fitbit fitness devices

Cardiogram now plays nice with Fitbit fitness devicesFrom this week any Fitbit smartwatch and activity band with an optical heart-rate sensor will support the Cardiogram app on an iPhone or Android phone. This includes Versa, Charge 3, Inspire HR and many others.

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The Cardiogram app is very popular. Over one million people use it to gain deeper insights into their health. The app applies its own algorithms to data from your wearable to dish out insights you would not normally get.

Last month Cardiogram announced support for Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now it’s adding a direct link to Fitbit software. This means users will be able to alternate between Fitbit’s app for their data and Cardiogram’s app for more more in-depth heart rate analysis. The Pure Pulse heart rate sensor on Fitbit wearables is generally considered right up there with the best wrist-based heart rate trackers.

To link your Fitbit account, update your Cardiogram smartphone app and log in again. You will be presented with a choice allowing you to connect with an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Wear OS or other device.

The other option is to open the profile sidebar in the app and select Fitbit under the “Link Your Wearables” section. You will then need to type your Fitbit app username and password and allow a few minutes for the initial sync. From that point on Cardiogram will automatically sync high-resolution data every time you open the Fitbit app.

“A brand synonymous with health and fitness, compatibility with Fitbit has been one of our top user requests, and we’re very excited to launch this partnership,” said Brandon Ballinger, co-founder and CEO of Cardiogram.

“Fitbit wearables have remarkably consistent heart rate accuracy, enhanced sleep tracking, and extended battery life, all of which improve a user’s experience with Cardiogram as well.”

Now, when you sync your wearable to the Fitbit app, that data will automatically find its way into the Cardiogram app. You’ll also be able to participate in Cardiogram’s American Heart Association-backed heart studies. This includes research on detecting signs of diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and atrial fibrillation.

iPhone users can download the app from this link. The Google Play Store app version can be found here.

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