Huami teases a titanium smartwatch called Amazfit GTR

Huami has unveiled today it will be launching a new smartwatch on July 16th. Dubbed the Amazfit GTR, it will be made in a variety of materials including titanium, and will come packing 24 day battery life.

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Huami wasn’t joking when it announced a month ago it will be releasing 10 Amazfit wearables in the next few months. Huang Wang, the company’s CEO, made the reference at the June 3rd presentation of the Q1 2019 financial results.

Verge 2 landed on June 11th. It comes sporting eSIM support and an ECG sensor. On the same day we saw the reveal of the Amazfit Health Watch. And a few days prior, Huami launched the Amazfit Verge Lite and Amazfit Bip Lite. We thought Amazfit Bip 2 would be the next device to make an appearance but it seems Huami has other plans in mind.

An official teaser has been posted for the Amazfit GTR, an entirely new device in the Amazfit lineup. The watch will be presented at the GRAND TOUR RACING event next week in Beijing.

Huami teases a titanium smartwatch called Amazfit GTR

Huami has revealed little with reference to technical specs but the invitation to the gathering reveals some clues. Those on the recipients list got an event flyer in their mailbox, along with three commemorative coins with the words “24 days by Huami” etched on them. This is a likely reference to a smartwatch battery that can last up to 24 days.

Huami teases a titanium smartwatch called Amazfit GTR What’s more, each coin comes with the word stainless steel, titanium or aluminum printed along the bottom edge. Does the distribution of commemorative coins point to there being three versions of Amazfit GTR, made of the above three materials? Probably.

This would mean an innovation in the company’s offerings. The original Amazfit Verge is made of plastic, and Verge 2 of a more robust microcrystal zirconium ceramic frame.

The possibility of a titanium Amazfit watch is of particular interest due to the special properties of this material. It is extremely light, durable, it has good corrosion resistance and it’s not easy to scratch. Ideal for sports lovers and exercise freaks. But this typically adds to the price of a watch.

Not much else is known. The flyer above shows it will be a circular device with two physical buttons on the right hand side. Some are speculating the watch will come packing an AMOLED screen and the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor paired with the Huangshan No. 1 chip. But none of this has been confirmed yet.

It’s very likely we’ll hear more as the event approaches. If we do we’ll make sure to let you know.

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