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Amazfit wearable to launch on August 27th is an Apple Watch lookalike, but with a better screen

Huami has announced it will launch its next smartwatch on August 27th. Its Technology’s Vice President Arnold Pei posted a teaser of the device a few days ago. It looks almost the same as the Apple Watch but comes with a higher-res screen and 10 day battery life.

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The mystery wearable was originally leaked by beta testers on social media in China and many thought it was the next Apple Watch. Pei decided to set things straight by releasing on official render of the yet-to-be named device. He followed this up with a “real picture” (image above).

Put it side-by-side next to an Apple Watch and you’ll notice the similarities. Both devices share a similar look and an almost identical colour scheme. The one on the left is the Amazfit watch, the one on the right Apple Watch Series 4 in case you were wondering.

The next Amazfit wearable is an Apple Watch lookalike, but with a better screen
Huami’s New Watch will have a high screen

One of the differences is that the Amazfit’s device comes with an AMOLED screen PPI of 341, surpassing the Cupertino outfit’s PPI of 326. Whats more, this is a customised display that comes with three real RGB sub-pixels under each pixel. This means the resolution is higher under the same PPI than would typically be expected.

“To maximize the presentation of information, we have customized screens that go beyond the fineness of our flagship phones. At the same time, the watch still has the consistent long battery life characteristics of Huami products, which can be used for more than 10 days,” he said.

Huami VP adds that Amazfit has much to learn from Apple which, he says, sets the benchmark for smartwatches.

There’s no info on what’s under the hood so all we have at the moment are the images of the upcoming device. Given the design, the smartwatch seems to be from the Amazfit BIP lineup. It could actually be the long-anticipated Amazfit BIP 2.

Arnold Pei has not confirmed or denied this. But we did get official confirmation the device will launch on August 27th, possibly alongside one additional watch. The theme of the launch conference is Run, Amazfit! Run! No doubt, someone at Huami is a fan of the Forrest Gump movie. What this does reveal is that it will be another fitness-centric smartwatch.

Upcoming Amazfit wearable is an Apple Watch lookalike, but with a better screen

We’ve seen a plethora of devices released in the Amazfit lineup in recent months. This includes the Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit Health WatchAmazfit Smart Watch 2 and Amazfit GTR. We’ll soon be able to add at least one more to the list.

All of the new watches in the Amazfit lineup are yet to be made available internationally. But Huami is attending IFA 2019 in a few weeks time so will probably use Europe’s biggest technology show as a launch platform.

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