A new Wear OS Michael Kors watch leaks online

An image was posted online of the next Michael Kors smartwatch. Branded as “Access Lexington”, it is currently unclear whether the Wear OS device will feature all the Fossil “Generation 5” smarts.

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The pic was leaked on a WearOS subreddit. It shows a retail stand with the Michael Kors Access Lexington. The lady in the shop apparently told the person that this was the latest watch from Michael Kors.

We suspect this is the device that popped up recently in a Bluetooth certification with Bluetooth SIG. The certification does not provide too many details. We do have the model number DW9M1, but this doesn’t really tell us much.

We have seen other references to new watches from Michael Kors. Five Fossil Group watches dropped by the FCC a couple of months ago. Two of these were from Michael Kors, but they go under monikers DW10M1, DW10M2. This suggests a possible three new watches, or three iterations of the same watch in the near future.

Michael Kors is part of Fossil Group along with multiple other brands. The latest smartwatches from Fossil Group are the 5th generation Carlyle HR and Juliana HR smartwatches. They come with a built-in speaker, longer battery life via smart battery modes, increased storage capacity (1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage) and the Snapdragon 3100 processor.

It is currently unclear whether all of these upgrades will make it to Michael Kors Access Lexington. The company does have a Lexington-branded device, but this is a traditional watch. The last smartwatch produced by the outfit was the Access Grayson back in 2017.

A new Wear OS Michael Kors watch leaks online

Some info can be deduced from the single image posted on line. The watch will have multiple colour options including a silver, gold and two silver-gold models. They will range in price from €369 to €419.

A search on the internet reveals no further info on the upcoming watch. But IFA is right around the corner so its very likely we should find out the final remaining details in a few days time.

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