NeoRhythm: headband that uses neurostimulation to hack your brain

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Hacking into your brain seems all the range these days. Just over the past few weeks we saw the unveiling of Muse S and and URGONight at CES 2020. We can now add one more device to this list, the Indiegogo funded NeoRhythm.

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The thing is designed to fit around your head, from where it emits dominant and accompanying frequencies using a non-invasive magnetic method of neuromodulation. Different frequencies have varying effects on the brain and the app allows you to choose between the programs. There are seven in total to help you de-stress, sleep better, meditate, handle pain, focus, boost energy and more. Each of the programs uses a different frequency to stimulate the brain in a particular way.

The company says there is hard science to back the effectiveness of the product. You can check -out the two double-blind studies n the fields of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for yourself. What apparently makes it effective is that it has more magnetic-field-producing coils than other similar devices. Each the five coils targets a particular area of the brain. Competing devices typically have one coil so target the whole brain.

NeoRhythm is gesture controlled and there are no wires to get tangled in or buttons to push. It can be worn around the head in a number of different ways, depending on the area of the brain you want to stimulate. For example, if you’re looking to destress by slowing down your heart rate it can be done in as little as eight minutes.

Crowdfunding is always a risky endeavour, but this is one project where you can be quite sure you’ll receive something in the mail. The team has already turned their prototype into a final product and 1,000 of their early backers have received their NeoRhythm. Currently funded through In-demand on Indiegogo, shipping for new backers starts 5 days after the $289 purchase.

Price: $289 and up

Funding open:

$551,125 raised out of $454,299 goal

Estimated delivery: January 2020

View on:

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