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Fitbit adds a bunch of features to app to help protect users from COVID-19

Fitbit adds features to app to help protect users from Covid-19
Clean Cues watch face

Fitbit has announced it is adding a new tab in the app with a bunch of features that help protect you from COVID-19. Here’s what’s available.

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Starting today users in a select group of countries will see a fifth tab in the Fitbit smartphone app. Titled COVID-19, it provides users with tools and resources to deal with the pandemic.

Click on the tab and you’ll be presented with three choices. The first option is a bunch of stuff on helping you stay healthy and active while stuck in your home.

This consists of free premium subscription exercises and an option for a 90-day free trial of Premium. What’s more there are new clock faces such as the Clean Cues clock face. These offer friendly reminders and timers for washing your hands.

And let’s not forget the motivational reminders to take breaths, stretch, and move. Useful with the current social distancing measures in place in many countries.

Fitbit adds features to app to help protect users from Covid-19Fitbit adds features to app to help protect users from Covid-19

The second option connects you to doctors online. This allows users in the US to book a virtual doctor’s visit through the PushCare team.

The outfit was founded back in 2013 with a simple idea – to connect patients with their medical providers by using the latest technology. This is more useful now than ever as we are meant to avoid non-essential visits to the doctor and self-isolate at home if we suspect we are coming down with COVID-19. PlushCare team of  doctors can address medical needs, write prescriptions and screen for COVID-19. The service is free with many insurance providers but there is a fee if you’re not covered.

The Fitbit app now also provides with info from the World Health Organization. This will help you stay informed with the latest COVID-19 updates.

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