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Biostrap joins study that could help predict onset of COVID-19

Biostrap has announced it is linking up with medical professionals in a bid to use data from its flagship wearable to predict the onset and progression of COVID-19.

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For those not in the know Biostrap is a fitness band that helps you optimize sleep and recovery with clinical accuracy, which in turn improves your performance.

Unlike most other wearables the gizmo focuses on recovery. Biostrap’s only real competition is Whoop 3.0 which dishes out a lot of the same data, but costs more.

We put it to the test a few months ago and found it works very well. Biostrap provides you with access to raw HRV data, in addition to SpO2, breathing rate and more. And it does this will clinical grade accuracy. You are able to see how individual variables effect your daily health and readiness for action.

The objective now is to use this raw waveform information and physicol0gical biomarkers in the fight against COVID-19. To this end, the outfit has linked with scientists at the UCLA School of Medicine and Tulane University.

Download the latest version of the accompanying iPhone or Android smartphone app (3.4.0) and you’ll be offered an invitation to opt-in.

Biostrap joins study that could help predict COVID-19

It takes only a few minutes to give the necessary permissions. At the end of the registration process, you’ll be asked to fill in a short questionnaire.

Biostrap joins study that could help predict COVID-19

Once you are on-board, each day you will be required to fill out a daily symptom tracking survey. This is to provide medical professionals with more context to your biometric data.

In addition to knowing you are helping the scientific community, there’s an additional incentive to join. This is a free 3 months subscription to Sleep Lab and Meditation plus. Normally, Biostrap owners would would be required to pay $45 for this.

Readers living in the United States can check out Biostrap on the teamhqs website. We have secured 10% off for them. At checkout just make sure to type the code “Aff10Off”. Those in other countries can pick up the device from the Biostrap website.

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