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Think your Apple Watch band collection is impressive? Think again!

A user on Reddit has posted a picture of his Apple Watch band collection. It is absolutely massive!

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How many Apple Watch bands do you have? It is useful to have a few extras. They can come in handy in case of damage or just to liven things up. Some would even equate having one band to having just one pair of shoes. But a Reddit user called u/toxtrepla has taken this to the extreme.

Some people like to collect stamps, other people collect watch bands. You can see an image of his watch band collection above and below. All colors of the rainbow are there.

“Before I hung them on the wall, I felt like maybe it was waste of a collection since I rotated between 10 or so all of the time,” he says.

“Once they were out in the open, it is much easier to take one down and wear it more often. Lately I’ve been wearing a different band every day! It also helps to keep them in new condition.”

Apparently, every single one of these is a genuine Apple Watch band, not a cheap third party ripoff. Luckily, he didn’t pay the full price for them. The majority of the collection is used with a handful of exceptions. He also bought in bundles.

One can only imagine how high the price would be if they were all bought from Apple. The Reddit user says he paid an average of $19 for each band which still totals more than $3,000 considering there are over 160 bands in the collection.

It is impressive when you think about the sheer time and hard work needed to put together such a vast collection. He even made things nice and neat by carefully labelling everything. So much so that it looks like a store!

Think you have too many Apple Watch bands? Think again!
Image source: Imgur

Keen eyed observers will notice there are no leather Hermès bands. u/toxtrepla says he has not considered that. But that he might take the plunge on one and one only. That’s a “rabbit hole even I haven’t ventured down yet!” he says. He also has not made the jump into metal yet but does not rule it out.

Needless to say, lots of Reddit users were negative citing wasted money, little resale value, etc.

“I expected that level of reaction from some people, and that’s totally fine. It’s not for everyone, like not every collection or hobby is universal.”

As far as personal preferences, u/toxtrepla says he prefers the Leather Loop – Sunset (Orange) Sport Band – Cornflower or Seafoam Loop – Nike Hyper Grape or Papaya.

What can we say? Beautiful, impressive yet a bit disturbing at the same time.

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