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RebbleOS developers now looking to port Pebble software to other watches

RebbleOS developers are looking for ways to port their Pebble watch software over to other smartwatches including the Amazfit Bip.

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Pebble was once a popular smartwatch. And years after it churned out the last device from its manufacturing lines, the brand still has a loyal fan-base. Fitbit snapped up the company a few years ago only to kill it off shortly after. It kept the watch servers going until end June 2018, thus extending the originally set 31 December 2017 cut-off date.

But a community rose out of the ashes and they are still active. The Pebble hardware may have remained frozen in time, but a team of developers put together an alternative to the PebbleOS it runs on. Dubbed RebbleOS it doesn’t allow for all functionality but it does keep Pebble watches working indefinitely. Their ultimate aim is to enable all the services that disappeared.

The project began as a supplement to the official Pebble documentation but transitioned into something else after Fitbit pulled the plug. The programmers even managed to develop an App Store. While the Pebble OS did have apps that transitioned over from the old platform, this allows for adding third-party apps.

Looking for other hardware to run RebbleOS

RebbleOS system developers are now looking at the possibility of porting their software over to the Amazfit Bip range. The microprocessor which the Bip runs on is pretty much the same as the STM32 microcontroller on the old Pebble watches. Therefore it can theoretically run RebbleOS. If they succeed they will have lots of new customers on their side.

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The Amazfit Bip and its successor Bip S are in many ways similar to the old Pebble watches. They have long battery life, are lightweight, come with similar features and design. But for those that like to hack smartwatches, the Bip is a better alternative than the Pebble watches. It doesn’t suffer from the problem of ageing hardware!

A developer has already managed to add a proprietary operating system to Bip watches. His software is meant for those that are not satisfied with the Amazfit software.

Russian-based Maxim Volkov calls the operating system BipOS. He began working on the project in mid-2019 and managed to reverse-engineer Amazfit Bip’s firmware. Essentially a patched version of the original software, it allows for custom apps to be included in custom res files. The Alipay menu has been replaced by an application launcher menu. Volkov added his own apps including a: 4-op calculator, a torch and a calendar, along with the option to edit alarms on the watch itself.

A whole community has appeared around this development. The software is even capable of running third-party applications and already simple games such as Tetris and Snake have appeared, as has a note taking app.

Pretty much anything is hackable and smartwatches are no exception. Developers are also looking for other candidates that could serve as Pebble watch replacements.

For those that are interested in finding out more, the developer’s GitHub project can be found here. Of course, we don’t recommend that you try any of this. Particularly as the Amazfit Bip runs on a perfectly decent proprietary platform. Tinkering with your watch might also render it useless.

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