Zepp app gets an iOS widget, here’s how to activate

A new update to the Zepp app slaps iOS widget functionality. This allows you to display fitness information on your Home Screen without the need to open the app.

iOS widgets were introduced as part of iOS14. In addition to the Home Screen, you can also see them in the Today View. To access the latter simply swipe right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen.

A software refresh means you can now display information from the Zepp app on your Home Screen (but not in the Today View). Huami has chosen to display information on PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) by default rather than steps.

This makes sense. PAI is a better indicator of your daily activity level than anything else in the Zepp app. We’ve written extensively on this metric before. It is a heart rate derived indicator of activity.

Instead of focusing on the popular “10,00o” steps goal, you are meant to keep the PAI score above 100. Studies have shown that doing this consistently can prolong your life.

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If you are not a fan of PAI you’ll be happy to know you can choose to display steps or sleep, instead. Here’s how to set everything up.

Zepp iOS widget

You can add the widget to your Home Screen the way you would any other widget.

Start by long pressing on the display. Wait until the apps begin to jiggle. Then tap the large + in the top right corner. You’ll be shown a screen that allows you to choose from a selection of available widgets. Zepp will be one of the options.

The next step is to decide which of the two views you prefer. One shows a summary of info, the other slaps on a chart next to it. I preferred the second one as it adds to the visual effect. Tap Done and you’re done.

Zepp app gets an iOS widget, here’s how to activate

A short press on the widget acts as a shortcut to the Zepp app. A long-press will take you through to the widget settings. This is where you can specify whether to display PAI, steps or sleep.

Zepp app gets an iOS widget, here’s how to activate

Hopefully you’ll agree, the end result looks rather neat. It allows you to see where you stand at a glance.

Here’s the one on PAI.

Zepp app gets an iOS widget, here’s how to activate

This is the steps option.

Zepp app gets an iOS widget, here’s how to activate

If you’re not a fan, simply delete the widget. This is done by long-pressing on the display and choosing remove.

Unfortunately the equivalent functionality is not yet available for Android. Let’s hope this is just a start of improvements to come to the Zepp app!

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