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Realme smart scale with 16 types of health measurements launches today

Realme is launching its first ever smart scale today.

The Chinese smartphone maker is increasingly branching into health products. It all started with the Realme fitness band last spring. That was followed up by Realme Watch a couple of months later. Then we got Watch S and that will soon be upgraded with a S Pro version according to a recent FCC filing.

But something quite different is arriving. Another health product but one that sits quietly in your bathroom.

Realme Smart Scale – everything you need to know

The company’s smart scale looks to be an excellent first effort. It has an elegant arc profile and hidden LED display which springs to life when you step on the scale.

On top you’ll fine a 6mm enhanced tempered glass cover and movable scale feet underneath. The whole thing is very lightweight (1.69kg without batteries) and ultra-thin. The full dimensions come in at 300 x 300 x 23.3m.

Realme smart scale with 16 types of health measurements launches today
Image source: Realme

As far as functionality, the scale spits out 16 different metrics. This includes:

  • weight
  • fat rate
  • BMI
  • body
  • muscle mass
  • body age
  • basal metaboli
  • lean body
  • moisture rate
  • muscle rate
  • visceral fat level
  • skeletal muscle
  • bone
  • protein
  • fat mass
  • heart rate

The company says bioimpedance analysis and advanced algorithms are used to calculate all these metrics.

Now this list might sound impressive, and it is. But remember – scales are typically not very good at anything apart from measuring weight. All these other metrics (apart from heart rate) are estimates which you will find fluctuate from day to day – sometimes wildly. They might provide an indicator on the state of things, but take these other statistics with a pinch of salt.

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The novel thing about the Realme Scale is that it’s very high-precision and can spot even a 50 gram fluctuation in a person’s weight. But this also makes it suitable for weighing other stuff – fruit, vegetables, pets and pretty much anything else. You can toggle a Small Weight Mode that can accurately measure between 9.99 and 50 grams with precision up to 10 grams.

Realme smart scale with 16 types of health measurements launches today

As you’d expect, there’s also a smartphone app to go along with the scale. This is the place to go to sift through all the data and look at long-term trends.

As far as battery – there’s no need to charge the Realme scale. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which can keep it going for a year.

No word yet on pricing or availability but you can check the Realme website for updates and availability.

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