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Luxe might be Fitbit’s most elegant fitness tracker yet

Fitbit has officially unveiled what might be its most elegant fitness tracker yet. Dubbed Luxe, it comes with a color display and advanced health metrics such as stress, heart rate variability, blood oxygen level, respiration and more.

Fitbit Luxe – technical specs, price

Luxe is definitely a device that sports an attractive design. The naming convention suggests it is a new range rather than the continuation of an old one. Having said that, the tracker comes across like a blend between the discontinued Fitbit Alta HR and the Fitbit Inspire. Something for those that want a discreet fitness device on their wrist.

What’s most interesting about Luxe is the display. This is a full-color 0.76 inch OLED that looks very luxurious on the pictures. The device has a metal housing made of polished stainless steel and silicone straps. These are replaceable so you can customize the thing to your taste.

Some straps are kept in place with a classic watch buckle. We actually prefer this to other solutions as it more simple to use.

Luxe might be Fitbit’s most elegant fitness tracker yet

Other straps are more bracelet-like as shown below.

Luxe might be Fitbit’s most elegant fitness tracker yet
Image source: Fitbit

There’s also a Special Edition gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet.

Luxe might be Fitbit’s most elegant fitness tracker yet
Image source: Fitbit

The resolution of the display is 124 x 206 pixels with a 326 PPI density. This puts the quality on par with what you can find on Sense and Versa. There are no physical buttons so all the navigation is done via the touchscreen.

Despite the discreet form-factor, the fitness tracker has some advanced health monitoring functions. In addition to the basics such as step, sleep and more, users also get stress management around the clock (along with guided breathing sessions), heart rate variability, temperature and respiration rate information. No altimeter on-board so floor counts are off this list.

Users can choose between 20 exercise modes with real-time pace and distance. Swim tracking is an option thanks to 5 ATM water-resistance. There are also Active Zone Minutes, plus the tracker vibrates when a target heart rate zone has been reached.  No built-in GPS on-board, though, so you will need to rely on your smartphone for that.

The small form-factor doesn’t allow for a very big battery. Hence, users can expect to get only 5 day between charges.

Fitbit describes Luxe as something that comes with “balanced health in an elegant design”. But it’s not really fair to say the company is repackaging existing technology into something that looks more fancy. Luxe does come with some advanced health functionality that cannot be found on other fitness bands in its range.

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This means Luxe does not fit into the budget activity tracker category. The regular iteration costs the same as Fitbit Charge 4 – so around $150 (check price on Amazon). The main difference between them is the better display on Luxe and inclusion of built-in GPS on Charge 4.

Luxe can be pre-ordered now on Fitbit’s website in a choice between Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel, Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel, Orchid / Platinum Stainless Steel, Special Edition gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet. Delivery is expected in mid-June. The purchase includes a free 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium for new users.

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