Withings Health Mate update to bring new sleep features

Withings Health Mate will receive an update in a few days time which adds a sleep report PDF and the ability to sync sleep data from your Apple Watch.

The app that is used for all Withings products is benefiting from a number of updates. We wrote about the Vascular Age metric a few days ago that is coming to all Body Cardio smart scale users. It builds on Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) data by comparing your PWV readings to those from people your age and physical characteristics.

The result is an assessment of your Vascular Age. This can be at, below or above your chronological age. Unlike the PWV, Vascular Age is available for users in all countries.

Sleep Report and Apple Watch sleep sync

Now we have word of other updates coming to the Health Mate app. The first of these is the ability to create a sleep report in PDF for all owners of the Withings sleep tracking mat.

The report is quite comprehensive and contains the following info:

  • Sleep duration
  • Total time in bed
  • Efficiency (sleep duration compared to time spent in bed)
  • Sleep schedule visualization
  • Time spent out of bed
  • Sleep apnea (if available)
  • Snoring
  • Average heart rate

Withings Health Mate update to bring new sleep functions

This sounds quite useful as you will be able send the PDF to your doctor. Going by the above screenshot, the report also provides a nice overview of your sleep trends so can be generated for personal use.

Withings Health Mate already has the ability to create a health report. But this is more general and includes info on activity, heart health, oxygen saturation, weight and more. The new report will purely focus on sleep.

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Withings Sleep Analyzer
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Nokia (formerly Withings)

We reviewed the Withings Sleep Analyzer last year and found it to be an excellent sleep tracking solution. The gizmo slips under the mattress from where it tracks all aspects of your nightly (and daily) rest. It can even detect sleep apnea and snoring. In fact, this has become the Gadgets & Wearables recommended sleep tracking device.

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The other Health Mate update is for those with an Apple Watch. Withings says this is a feature that was often requested by users. Apple Watch owners will now be able to sync the sleep data from their Apple Watch in Health Mate.

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