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What to do if you’re having Fitbit Luxe connectivity & sync issues

Some Fitbit Luxe users are reporting connectivity and sync issues with their new fitness device. Fitbit is aware of the problem and is actively working on a fix. The company says it is mostly affecting Android users.

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Fitbit announced Luxe around three months ago. It was due to ship in early June. However delays meant most people didn’t receive their tracker until a few weeks ago.

The fitness device offers a more fancy take on the Charge 4 and Inspire 2 concept. It has the most modern aesthetics of the trio. Plus it packs pretty much all the features of the Charge 4 making it an attractive purchase.

Fitbit Luxe connectivity & sync issues

Even though it’s still early days, some users are reporting multiple connectivity issues. This is despite excellent customer reviews on the whole.

We don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that the Luxe release date was pushed back by a few weeks. Perhaps the company didn’t have time to iron out all the bugs before shipping the device out.

“My Luxe is having connectivity issues,” a person on Fitbit’s official forum writes.

“When I go to my phone’s Bluetooth settings, I can watch it connect/disconnect every few seconds.”

She goes on to say that she is mostly able to sync, but occasionally has syncs that take really long. Plus, it took several tries before she was able to change the clock face, as she continually received pop up notifications in the app that she was not connected.

That report is not all too different from several others. There are clearlyissues with Luxe connecting to the app which are currently affecting some users.

It’s important to note – this has nothing to do with the screen. The display responsiveness is fine. Rather it is to do with the Bluetooth connection that is established between the device and smartphone. Users are reporting that it is connecting and disconnecting. In an ideal world, this should be a stable connection.

Fitbit has said it is aware of the problem and has sent out alerts that it’s a user-wide issue, mainly affecting Android users. However, there are reports of iPhone owners having the same problem.

A moderator on the Fitbit forum had this to say:

“Regarding the syncing difficulties with Android devices, please note that we’re aware of this issue and are currently working to resolve it and hope to have a fix soon. Be sure to keep your Fitbit device and app up-to-date to ensure you receive the quickest resolution.”

Possible workarounds

There are several things you can do to try and get your Fitbit Luxe to sync. These are the standard solutions for all Fitbit devices. Try one of these and hopefully they’ll get you back on track. Some customers have reported success with on of the workarounds.

  1. Restart both your Luxe tracker and your smartphone. Before restarting the smartphone – force quit the Fitbit app.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone to see if your Luxe is paired. Try switching off and than back on on the Bluetooth connection. Disable other Bluetooth devices to see if they are perhaps interfering with the connection.
  3. If the above two solutions didn’t work, delete Luxe from your Fitbit application – this can be done in the settings. Then set it up as a new device.

If your Luxe has connected and started to sync, well done! Fitbit says you should avoid going to the device details screen in the app until it finishes syncing.

If none of these have worked, take some comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. Fitbit is aware of the problem and is currently working on a fix. Keep an eye out on software updates and make sure your tracker and app are on the latest version.

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3 thoughts on “What to do if you’re having Fitbit Luxe connectivity & sync issues

  • Mine is paired with an iPhone. Every morning I have to reconnect it.

  • My Luxe is paired with an IPhone 12 mini; it doesn’t hold a charge for more than 24 hours even though the promotional materials claim than the charge is supposed to last five days. The company has finally admitted than the Luxe doesn’t work with IPhones, and won’t refund the purchase price unless we pay the return delivery cost.

  • Is Fitbit issuing a refund? I’ve had my luxe for less than one week and I’ve had more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve deleted the app, unpaired, restarted. Now I cannot repair.
    This is 4th Fitbit I’ve had and the most problematic.


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