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NeoRhythm App update: focusing on meditation programs

Last year we wrote a piece on Omnipemf’s NeoRhythm – the headband that uses neurostimulation to hack your brain. Their Indiegogo campaign turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns on the crowdfunding site, and now Omnipemf is a successful company with many customers all around the world. Additionally, in 2021, they were chosen amongst the Top 4 Healthcare Innovations by the Innovation World Cup Series. Not bad, indeed.

Following all their success, Omnipemf decided to create a new, more user-friendly app that offers quite a few novelties. However, the biggest update are meditation programs.

NeoRhythm’s app now has four completely new meditation types for mindfulness, focus, quiet mind and open heart. Additionally, there is one more new program for lucid dreaming. With this update, users can now choose between 12 different programs in the app, and a half of them are specifically for meditation.

neorhythm meditation

The benefits of meditation are vast

Meditation has been around for a long time and is practiced by many people. The reasons for this are the many mental and physical benefits that meditation provides. Things like:

  • Improved sleeping experiences: meditation is known to train the mind to “quiet down” which releases tension and prepares the body for sleep.

  • Improved emotional health: people who meditate have a more positive outlook on life which impacts their emotional health.

  • Prolonged attention span: problems with attention arise when the mind is wandering or worrying. Mediation can train the mind to be present and focused.

  • Helps with anxiety control: meditation can help with natural anxiety relief related to everyday stress.

  • Reduces stress: stress can cause an inflammation response in the body which meditation can address.

How does NeoRhythm assist the meditation practices?

The futuristic-looking wearable emits frequencies ranging from Delta to Gamma. Of those, Gamma, Alpha and Theta are used in meditation programs. When the device emits these frequencies, the brain takes the »suggestion« and enters deep meditative states. Additionally, NeoRhythm allows users to personalize these meditative states based on their desired brainwave patterns.

The deepest meditative state is Theta. Theta ranges from 4 Hz to 8 Hz and is associated with REM sleep, hypnosis, and deep meditation. Having the ability to enter dreamlike Theta state truly takes a lot of practice – NeoRhythm however, drastically speeds up this process.

These feelings of altered consciousness achieved in the Theta state are associated with higher creativity. Before the update, NeoRhythm offered only two meditation programs and a custom one. Now, the users can choose from six different meditations:

  1. Focus Meditation: Suitable for people who want to improve their focus and be more alert during the day.

  2. Quiet Mind Meditation: Suitable for those that want to minimize their internal monologue and achieve a “quiet mind”.

  3. Calming & Synchronization: Suitable for people that want to calm and center themselves.

  4. Mindfulness Meditation: Suitable for those who want to relax and reduce their anxiety and stress.

  5. Open Heart Meditation: Suitable for mood management, helpful to people who are feeling depressed or stressed.

  6. Theta Meditation: Suitable for entering a calm, meditative state where the cognitive functions are well-balanced.
neorhythm meditation

The frequencies that NeoRhythm emits are scientifically supported and mimic brainwave patterns naturally present within us. They are not disruptive to the body and are completely non-invasive.

neorhythm meditation

The gadget itself is the same, gesture-controlled, but based on customer feedback Omnipemf has added an option to start and stop the programs within the app. In addition, the company also offers accessories which make NeoRhythm more versatile: Support wrap, NeoWrap and Headband cover. You can check them out on Omnipemf’s website.

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