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Watch Fit Mini is a more feminine version of Huawei’s fitness band

Alongside the Watch GT3 announcement earlier today, Huawei snuk in a more budget-friendly version of Watch Fit. The Mini packs a smaller display and misses out on some of the functionality of its big brother. But it is more suited for women and those with slender wrists.

Huawei Watch Fit was released in August last year. It was one of the first fitness band-smartwatch hybrids to pack a 1.64 inch AMOLED display. Since then we’ve seen a few more brands coming out with their own versions of activity trackers with absolutely massive displays. These types of devices blur the line between fitness bands and smartwatches. Particularly when you dig into the specs.

Watch Fit comes with built-in GPS, accelerometer, barometer, blood oxygen sensor and an ambient light sensor. There are a plethora of sports modes that can be tracked including swimming.

There’s clearly lots to like about Huawei Watch Fit. Even the price tag is not too bad. The device typically retails for around $140, but you can often pick it up at a discount. Which makes the decision to release Watch Fit Mini all-the-more strange. It cuts some corners in order to undercut its big brother in price, but only slightly.

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Watch Fit Mini has a 1.47 inch AMOLED (resolution of 194 x 368 pixels), so a smaller screen than the original. It also swaps the polymer case for a Light Gold aluminum body with a durable polymer underside. The whole thing is extremely lightweight, measuring only 20 grams. Watch Fit Mini dimensions come in at 51.52 mm x 25.91mm x 11.04 mm so it retains the rectangular body.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini
Image source: Huawei

What you will miss out on is built-in GPS. But you do get the ability to latch on to your smartphone’s satelite signal. Under the hood is a 6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor) and an optical heart rate sensor.

The watch tracks activity and sleep 24/7, along with blood oxygen. There is support for 96 workouts modes which should cover whatever you are into. The 5 ATM water-resistance is also right up there with the original. Women-specific features include menstrual cycle tracking.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini
Image source: Huawei

So why did Huawei release this fitness band? The answer is simple. Because it is a more female-friendly version of Watch Fit.

The 1.64 inch display is far too big for those with slender wrists. Hence the smaller display. The Mini also looks smarter due to its aluminium body, rounded corners and the fact that it is thinner. Plus you get a choice of 300 watch-faces and snazzy bands such as a Frosty White leather strap, Mocha Brown leather strap and a Taro Purple fluoroelastomer option.

Another advantage is battery life. The lower overall specs mean the Mini can keep ticking for around 2 weeks between charges. This is 4 days longer than the original.

The watch is expected to go on sale on November 11th, ahead of the all important end-year shopping bonanza. No official word on price in the US but in the EU the device is expected to retail for €99. This means that Mini will be around €30 cheaper than Watch Fit.

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