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Redmi shifts 28,000 units of Watch 2 in just two hours

Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi has shifted an impressive 28,000 units of Watch 2 in just two hours following the unveiling a few days ago.

To remind, this is the second generation model of last year’s timepiece. Its upgrades come in several forms. The most important is a bigger 1.6 inch AMOLED display. The predecessor model only had a 1.4 inch IPS LCD. The other big add-on is built-in GNSS (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, GALILEO) instead of Connected GPS. The first is much more useful as it does not rely on your smartphone’s satellite signal for outdoor tracking of running or cycling.

Other sensors are fairly standard for a fitness device. They include an accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 and ambient light sensor. This list is all the more impressive when you take into consideration that the price of Redmi Watch 2 is only around $60.

The timepiece runs on a customised RTOS which is very battery friendly. Hence, you can expect up to 12 days between charges and a week with heavy use. This falls to a respectable 8 hours with GNSS switched on.

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The wearable is flying off the shelves. Some 28,000 units were sold which a value of around RMB 10 million (equivalent to $1.56). And that’s in a mere two hours following the product launch!

Shipping for those that have pre-ordered starts on November 11th. We are yet to hear anything on when the timepiece will make its way outside the borders of its domestic market. The predecessor device was available to buy outside of China so we are assuming this one will be, as well.

Redmi Watch 2

Redmi Watch 2 Lite and Redmi Smart Band Pro

The company has also announced a less high-spec version of the timepiece. Dubbed Redmi Watch 2 Lite, the compromise is a smaller 1.55 inch IPS LCD display and slightly shorter battery life. But all the sensors from its big brother are there, including built-in GPS. Pricing for that one is yet to be announced.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite is the third wearable to be announced this week by the Chinese-based outfit. The other one that we haven’t mentioned is Redmi Smart Band Pro – a fitness band with a large display and the standard gamut of activity sensors. We are currently testing it out so keep an eye out for our full review in the coming days.

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