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Amazfit App Store gets a bunch of new apps for the GT3 series

A few more apps have landed in the recently launched Amazfit App Store. These can be downloaded now and installed to your GT3 watch.

The GTR 3 and GTS 3, along with the high-end GTR 3 Pro model were officially launched in October last year. We reviewed the first on this list and found it to be a solid offering for those after a budget activity tracking watch. There really is lots to like about GTR 3 and the improvements over the previous generation are clear.

Apart from certain hardware upgrades, the big news with this generation is the unveiling of Zepp Health’s new operating system. Lightweight in size, the company has for the first time opened up its software to third party developers. 

The operating system contains something Zepp Health calls a Mini App Framework. This allows for the development of lightweight apps that anyone with a bit of programming knowledge can design. There’s a special web-based kit developed especially for this purpose. It is based on java script and allows you to create both apps and watch-faces.

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So far, there have been only a few apps that you can install. Not really a surprise as this is an entirely new platform. It will take time for the number of available apps to grow.

One of these apps, for example, reminds users to drink a certain amount of water each day. Other apps made by Zepp Health include Home connect, IMC, Pregnancy Assistant, Watch Storage Space, Real-time Heart Rate, Brushing Teeth, Flashlight SOS, Calories, Calculator and Colour Identification.

Now the selection has been expanded with some new apps. This includes Fishing intensifier, Space Breaker, Colour Switch, Scoreboard, Notify for Maps (which shows directions), Navigation Wear, GoPro, Zepp Pong, Metronome and Anniversary.

Which means the selection of apps has started to grow. Not quite up there with Apple just yet, but it’s a start.

Amazfit GT3 apps

To entice developers to have a go at creating their own apps, Zepp Health is currently running a global online “hackathon”. With about a month to go before the competition concludes, there are prizes for the most innovative and most creative apps. Each participant of a winning team will get one of the latest Amazfit watch models. They will continue to receive a free watch for up to four consecutive years – as long as they continue to upload new apps, watch-faces or tools in the Zepp App Store.

In other news, the fourth generation in the GT series is expected to land in the coming months. This was explicitly stated at Zepp Health’s May 2022 investor call. One device that has already been confirmed by the FCC is the GTS 4 Mini. But we should also get the GTS 4 and GTR 4, probably in Q3.

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