Next Apple Activity Challenge is on August 27th to celebrate national parks

The next Apple Watch activity challenge is slated for August 27th to celebrate national parks across the globe.

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Like in previous years, the task required is a bit different in that it requires users to complete a specific workout with a specific distance. Typically challenges are less particular and involve time-based tasks.

In order to successfully complete and earn the awards, users are required to do a walk, run, hike or wheelchair workout of at least 1 mile. This is the same as in 2021 and 2020 but less than the 3 mile workout your were required to do in 2019.

This is how Apple describes the Activity Challenge:

Let’s celebrate the beauty of national parks everywhere. On August 27, earn this award by recording a hike, walk, run, or wheelchair workout of a mile (1.6K) or more with any app that adds workouts to Health.

One mile should be achievable for most people. It equates to around 2,000 steps which is well below the daily target most people aim for. Around 15-20 minutes is all it should take at an easy pace.

As reported by Macrumours, those who successfully complete the task will be rewarded with animated stickers that can be used in Messages and FaceTime. There is also a virtual trophy in the Achievements tab of the iPhone Activity app.

Apple Activity Challenge national parks
Apple Activity Challenge national parks
Apple Activity Challenge national parks

The last challenge was in June to mark International Day of Yoga. It required Apple Watch owners to complete a yoga workout lasting 20 minutes or more on June 21st. Prior to that we saw the International Dance Day challenge.

Coronavirus restrictions have relaxed in most countries so it is good that Apple is continuing with open air challenges. A nice stroll in the park should be a healthy way to spend the day, and social distancing should not be too difficult to maintain in those conditions.

Apple activity challenges are a novel way to keep people engaged. It is probably something other companies don’t do quite as well.

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