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Snore detection comes to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

About a month ago, Samsung announced it is extending the snore detection functionality to earlier generation watches. A software update that is currently rolling out adds the feature to Watch Active 2. Galaxy Watch 3 will also get a similar update.

Here’s a screenshot of the full change-log. On this list are also two new watch faces called Gradient Number and Pro Analog..

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 snore detection

The snore detection feature works in rather a unique way. It doesn’t use a built-in microphone on the watch. Instead, when the device on your wrist determines you have fallen asleep, it will trigger the microphone on your smartphone. So you do need to keep a paired phone next to you while sleeping in order for the snore detection to work. The role of the watch is to determine that you are asleep.

Samsung Snore detection

How to use the snore detection feature

When the update arrives to your watch setting up the snore feature is quite simple. Fire up the Samsung Health app, scroll down and choose “Sleep”. Select “Sleep detection” and make sure it is toggled on. After agreeing to the pop-up permissions you should notice a category that says “Detect snoring”. To enable decide between “Always” or “Once” and then toggle on/off Record audio.

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From that point on, once asleep, the device will listen out for snoring. When you snore, it saves that portion of the recording. What’s more, you can see if your oxygen saturation changes as a result of snoring by matching up the recordings with the SpO2 graph. But you will need to do this manually.

If no snore data is recorded you will get the message to go into the phone settings and choose privacy > permissions manager > microphone > Samsung Health. Then make sure that it is set to “allow only while using the app”.

Some users have also reported that they needed to change the battery setting in the Samsung Health app to “Unrestricted”. So if you are having trouble getting the snore feature to work, it is worth tweaking this setting.

Unfortunately there is no way for the device to determine if it is you that is snoring or your partner. So make sure to keep the phone away from your partner to reduce the chances of their snoring getting picked up.

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