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Garmin Instinct Analog may have just dropped by the FCC, design revealed

A few months ago we broke the news that Instinct Analog is one of the devices to be launched in 2022. The FCC has just registered a Garmin hybrid watch. This is typically one of the last remaining steps before a smartwatch is made publicly available for purchase.

Today, the US regulator added an application to its database for a Garmin-made “hybrid smartwatch”. The filing goes under the number IPH-04348. The only bits of information that can be gathered from the paperwork are that the device bill be circular in shape, there will be a 221mAh lithium-ion battery on-board, and that it will have Bluetooth, NFC and ANT+ support.

Interestingly, a filing with that same number appeared on the official Singapore telecoms website about a month ago. So the device is definitely close to release.

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The short term confidentiality request on the FCC filing expires in six months time. Which means we may see the watch this year, or early next. A good launch window is between now and mid-November. Beyond that we are hitting the holiday sales bonanza when it gets a bit hectic. Few wearables manufacturers release devices during that period. After that the next good opportunity is CES in Las Vegas in early January.

Garmin has a few hybrid watches under its belt

Garmin already has experience with hybrid watches. The vivomove series consists of a range of devices with displays that combine the traditional look of an analogue timepiece with essential smart features. All the important activity and health tracking tech is there. The novelty is the hidden OLED display on the face of the watch which springs to life when you need it. The analog hands dynamically move away when it is activated.

Last Spring, a retailer of Garmin watches in one of the smaller regional markets leaked a list of devices that will be covered by warranty in 2022. At the time we broke this news, a number of devices that were listed there were yet to see the light of day. Without fail, they all landed in the months ahead. This includes the Forerunner 255 and 955, along with Venu Sq 2.

A few names that appear on that list are yet to be released. This includes Garmin Vivomove Trend, Instinct Analog and Austin. The first two are hybrid watches, the third is a bit of a mystery.

Which one of the two hybrids is the FCC filing referring to? Hard to say at this stage. We will not know for sure until the official reveal.

The FCC info does not provide much insight as they are both likely to be circular timepieces with Bluetooth, NFC and ANT+ support. But this is where the similarity ends – as they will be meant for entirely different customer segments.

A fashion timepiece or something for the outdoors?

Vivomove Trend sounds like a fashion oriented timepiece. Garmin has Lily Classic and Sport as devices solely designed for women. Could this be a vivomove designed especially for women? It would be a logical extension of the existing line of devices.

And what about Garmin Instinct Analog? That one sounds much more intriguing. Such a device would definitely have an audience. The Instinct range is for those that are looking for outdoor, rugged watches.

It seems this is the more likely scenario. Particularly if the drawing in the FCC paperwork is anything to go by. This reveals a chunky watch with five physical buttons and a 47mm case. The word Solar is printed along the top hinting at this type of functionality.

Garmin Instinct Analog

A further leak points to this watch being called Garmin Instinct Crossover. It looks like it will be released in the weeks ahead.

Unlike 2021, this has certainly been a busy year for Garmin. We’ve seen a plethora of new devices and will, it seems, see at least one more by the end of 2022. Let’s hope the company continues in a similar fashion next year.

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