Mobvoi upgrades sleep features, but there’s a catch

Mobvoi has slapped on some new sleep features. This includes Sleep-aid Songs, AI Sleep Insights and more. However, some of these sit behind a paywall.

The functionality has been advertised on social media channels today. It kicks in when you install the latest version of the Mobvoi smartphone app.

If you want access to all the VIP sleep tracking and analysis, there’s a $2.99 monthly subscription. The quarterly fee currently runs at $7.99 which works out to $2.66 per month. The annual subscription comes in at $26.99 or $2.25 per month.

It is worth noting, these are the early birds discounts. Membership will be more expensive when this passes. Mobvoi says, owners of the recently unveiled GTH 2 get a 6 month subscription for free.

Mobvoi sleep app

It seems the company is going down the route of a number of other wearable tech brands. The basic health and fitness functionality is free, but you if you want more advanced insights – these are VIP features that require a membership fee. Just like Fitbit, it seems a purchase of a new Mobvoi watch will come with a 6 month VIP subscription.

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As far as the new sleep features that have been announced, these include the following:

  • Sleep-aid songs – 12 are free but there are 50+ with the VIP subscription.
  • AI Sleep Insights – upgraded sleep tracking and analysis. Recommendations for each sleep cycle, Sleep cycle reminder.
  • Overview of weekly and monthly sleep patterns.
  • Max/Min heart rate and SpO2, sleep trends display

Most of these, and a few other features lie behind the pay-wall. The introduction of the service doesn’t really effect previously available features that were free. The only thing that seems to be gone is the ability to access weekly and monthly sleep records in the Mobvoi app. You’ll now need the monthly subscription for that.

Here’s a tweet describing the upgraded service.

Meanwhile, the wait for WearOS 3 on a Mobvoi watch continues. TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, Ticwatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE and TicWatch E3 are all candidates. However there’s been no official word on when and if the new version of the operating system will arrive. There’s also the question on whether WearOS 3 will only be available on new Mobvoi timepieces. We are hoping for some sort of announcement at CES 2023 in January.

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