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Galaxy Watch 6 Pro expected to reintroduce the physical rotating bezel

According to a new report the rotating physical bezel is set to make a comeback with the launch of the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro later this year.

To refresh your memory, this feature allows users to interact with their watches by rotating the bezel in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It can be used to zoom in or out, choose apps, navigate menus, change settings, and more. It also serves as a buffer to protect the display’s sides and offers tactile feedback.

The first Samsung Galaxy Watch with a physical rotating bezel was released in 2018. The next two models, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2, did not have a physical bezel but a touch-sensitive one that could be activated by sliding your finger around the outdoor edge of the screen. A touch bezel and a solid bezel are available for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, respectively.

Samsung bezel

Some people favour the more “traditional” physical bezel over the touch bezel, despite the fact that they both essentially achieve the same thing. They prefer it because it is simpler to use, more dependable, and turns with a gratifying click.

The Galaxy Watch 5 was given a touch bezel as well. This was removed from the watch’s Pro edition though. It lacks the bezel but has a stronger build quality, a larger screen, and a considerably longer battery life than the vanilla version. The user can engage with the Pro version by touching the screen and pressing the physical buttons.

On social media, a lot of people have voiced their wish for the classic watch design with a real rotating bezel to make a come back. Samsung appears to be paying attention.

A much loved feature making a comeback, but only on 6 Pro

The Galaxy Watch 6 line will, most likely, debut in August 2023. Again, it appears that there will be two variations. But for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, Samsung is bringing back the beloved real rotating bezel. Presumably the non-Pro version will retain the touch bezel.

This intelligence was provided by a fairly trustworthy Korean tipster who goes by the YouTube username Super Roader. Additionally, he asserts that the 6 Pro model will be available in both a large and small version, unlike the single-sized edition of the 5 Pro.

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All of this sounds very plausible. There’s also the possibility microLED screens will be introduced. But it is likely we may not see this until 2024 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. According to reports, Apple is also developing this display technology for a future iteration of its wearable. These displays use less power while providing a superior viewing experience.

Nothing else as far as rumours on the next version of the Galaxy Watch. Better sensor technology is always to be expected. Hopefully this will be accompanied with longer battery life and other improvements.

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