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Anticipation mounts for the upcoming Suunto Vertical watch

In an exciting turn of events, it appears that a new Suunto watch is on the horizon. Rumors have been swirling, and a leaked picture of the packaging suggests that the new watch, named the Suunto Vertical, is set to launch in May.

You have to go back to the now distant 2018 for the release of the Suunto 9 and Suunto 9 Baro watches. They were followed by the Suunto 9 Peak in June 2021 and the Suunto 9 Peak Pro in October 2022. So it’s a great time for a new release.

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As a brand that has long been a favorite among athletes, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, Suunto is known for its durability, accuracy, and stylish design. A reliable and high-performance sports watch, the Suunto watch is an ideal choice for those seeking a timepiece that can withstand the elements and perform under pressure.

A regulatory filing and retailer leak

Hints of the forthcoming watch first appeared in a regulatory listing from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore a few weeks ago. The listing revealed a device with the code name OW222, boasting GNSS, BLE, and WLAN connectivity.

While the filing provides scant details, it does confirm that this will be a sports watch featuring GNSS, Bluetooth Low Energy, and WLAN connectivity. But that’s where the information ends.

Suunto 10

As with all things Suunto-related, it’s hard to predict exactly what we can expect. We actually thought this might be the start of the Suunto 10 range. The last iteration of the Suunto 9 range didn’t conjure up too many upgrades, so we’re hoping for some exciting changes this time around.

For starters, a faster and more intuitive interface would be great. Improved reliability for workout planning in the calendar and more accurate sleep tracking would be highly appreciated. And, of course, we’re always excited to see what new performance metrics Suunto has up its sleeve. Advanced recovery metrics have become increasingly popular in the past year or so, popularised by Whoop, Garmin and Polar.

A larger display would also be a worthy upgrade. The Suunto 9 Peak and Peak Pro only feature a 1.2-inch screen.

But perhaps the most important thing we’re hoping for is a more affordable price point. Suunto watches can be a tough sell compared to other brands such as Garmin and Polar, so we’re hoping the next iteration won’t break the bank.

Suunto Vertical?

However, it seems that before we get Suunto 10 we will get the Suunto Vertical watch. The leak is credited to a retailer’s Facebook post.

The single image showcases a design that is distinct from the Suunto Ambit3 Vertical. It hints at solar capabilities, a high-quality screen, and a visually appealing design.

At this stage, the available information is limited to the packaging so details on the upcoming device are scarce. But watch this space. Rumors seem to point to a May launch.

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One thought on “Anticipation mounts for the upcoming Suunto Vertical watch

  • I recently suffered a second-degree burn from my Suunto 9 watch baro, which caused me immense pain and discomfort.

    While wearing the watch, I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my wrist and noticed that the watch had become extremely hot. I sustained a burn on my skin, resulting in a mark of about 0.8×1 cm.
    My doctor confirmed the severity of the burn.

    I have contacted Suunto about this incident and I am still waiting for their report on the matter.

    I want to share my experience to warn other Suunto watch users to be cautious and watch for any signs of burns or discomfort.


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