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Garmin’s next golf watch: Upgraded connectivity & size options on the horizon

According to a new filing with the regulatory body in Singapore, Garmin is getting ready to unveil the next generation of golf wearables. With two possible size variations and improved connectivity, the new gadget aims to appeal to a wider spectrum of golf lovers.

The Garmin Approach S62 GPS golf watch was released more than two years ago. So it is well due for an upgrade. The $500 device features a larger display and longer battery life than its predecessor, the S60. The watch includes a 1.3-inch screen, Pulse Ox sensor, Garmin Elevate heart rate monitor, and a multitude of added features. The battery life comes in at 14 days in smartwatch mode. This falls to 20 hours with GPS. Both are a significant improvement over the S60.

The Approach S62 is equipped with 41,000 preloaded courses and provides golfers with essential information to enhance their experience. Notable features include PlaysLike Distance and a Virtual Caddie that offers advice on club choice and aim, taking into account factors like wind speed, course layout, and typical swing distances. The watch also provides helpful features such as Hazard View, GreenView, and Go Green for yardage accuracy.

The Garmin Golf app complements the Approach S62. It offers access to golf performance analysis, handicap index, fairway, approach shot hit/miss percentage, and more. The app also enables users to participate in leaderboards and tournaments.

Multiple size options, Wi-Fi connectivity

The successor to Garmin’s Approach S62 golf watch seems to be in development. As a new filing with the Singapore regulatory authority suggest, the upcoming device will feature WiFi connectivity, a notable upgrade from the previous model. The inclusion of WiFi, in addition to Bluetooth and ANT+, indicates that Garmin aims to further enhance the user experience and streamline data accessibility for golfers.

Interestingly, the regulatory database lists two devices with similar model numbers (A04431 and A04432). This could imply the possibility of two size options for the new timepiece. This development showcases Garmin’s efforts to cater to a wider range of customers with varied preferences, potentially making their golf watch series even more appealing to the market.

The other possibility could be something with an AMOLED display. Garmin is moving in this direction, and introducing AMOLED options across its range. The most recent examples are the Forerunner 965 and 265. A golf watch might be an excellent candidate for something with a high-res AMOLED screen.

Garmin golf watch

A new handheld GPS for golf

Another device that has been added to the regulator’s database in May goes under the number A04624. This is listed as a handheld GPS device. We are just speculating here, but it might be the updated version of the G80 GPS golf launch monitor or the successor to the G12. The latter is a simple golf rangefinder that you can clip on to your belt or golf bag.

The market for golf watches has seen steady growth as golf lovers increasingly embrace wearable technology to enhance their on-course performance. Garmin’s GPS golf watches, such as the Approach S62, provide users with access to valuable data. The increasing popularity of golf and the demand for data-driven performance insights continue to fuel the expansion of this niche market, presenting Garmin with promising opportunities.

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