Garmin Epix Pro 2 & Fenix 7 Pro leaked images show next-gen heart rate sensor

Garmin is preparing for an exciting new release, as leaked images reveal details on the Epix Pro Gen 2, Fenix 7X Pro, and Fenix 7 Pro smartwatches. With a new generation of the Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor on the horizon, these devices are set to go head-to-head with the Apple Watch Ultra. A golf-focused Approach S70 is also in the works.

Next generation heart rate sensor

The Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor, now on version 4, is an optical-based technology that uses LEDs to measure changes in blood volume beneath the skin. The sensor can accurately determine the user’s heart rate by monitoring these changes, allowing users to track their ticker. The Elevate heart rate sensor has earned a reputation for accuracy and dependability. It is one of the key components in Garmin’s smartwatches.

Garmin Fenix 7X Pro

According to leaked images obtained by German site WinFuture, the upcoming Garmin Epix 2 Pro and Garmin Fenix 7 Pro line will include the next edition of the Elevate sensor. Interestingly enough, the images show metal parts surrounding the optics, which could indicate the incorporation of an ECG. That addition might be what makes these watches Pro models.

There is even talk the metal parts could be there to support blood pressure measurements. But we wouldn’t go as far as that.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro
Garmin Epix 2 Pro

What is possible, though, is that the new LED arrangement is more power-efficient. This should help with extending battery life and overall performance of these watches. Of course, the full scope of the upgrade will be unknown until the official release.

We’ve linked to some of the images in this article. You can find others on the website.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro

Garmin Epix 2 Pro, Fenix 7 Pro line: Upgraded features & design

The leaked pics also reveal details about the design and functionality of the new Garmin smartwatches. The premium Epix Pro Gen 2 will be available in three different case sizes (42mm, 47mm, and 51mm). You’ll be able to pick between white, black, and off-white colour options. There will be separate sapphire crystal display versions of these, that will be more scratch resistant.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro

The Fenix 7X Pro and Fenix 7 Pro will be available with a Solar or Sapphire Solar display. Their specific dimensions are yet to be confirmed.

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro

The golf-focused Approach S70 is also expected to come in three colours: grey, white, and black. It is possible that one might be available in two sizes. We say this because there was a recent regulatory listing for a Garmin golf watch in two variants.

Approach S70

It is unclear, at these stage, whether any of these watches will support cellular connectivity. Probably not, as the leaked images do not indicate the presence of a speaker or microphone capability. It also remains to be seen which of these watches get the LED flashlight that can be found on the Fenix 7X and Enduro 2.

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro

Speculation on a larger display

We are hoping the Garmin Epix 2 Pro will see a reduction in bezel size. Potentially it could take inspiration from the Garmin Forerunner 965, which sports a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen. This is 0.1 inches larger than the current generation Epix, even though both have a 47mm diameter case size.

Regulatory approvals

Supporting the rumors of the Garmin Epix 2 Pro’s imminent release are recent regulatory approvals from the United States FCC and a Singapore regulatory agency. Both were issued within the past month for three different-sized iterations of a Garmin sports watch with Bluetooth, WiFi, and ANT+ connectivity. Further confirmation comes from SIRIM in Malaysia, which has quoted the upcoming Epix 2 Pro by name.

There were some other regulatory approvals issued in the past few weeks for Garmin watches. It is clear now that they refer to the Fenix 7 Pro line and the S70.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro, Fenix 7 Pro line, Approach S70: Pricing & release date

Garmin Epix 2 Pro is expected to be announced on May 31st, with availability for purchase in early June. The sapphire model will, reportedly, retail for $1,100, while the non-sapphire version will be priced at $1,000. This represents a price increase of approximately $100 compared to the current model.

The release date for the Fenix 7X Pro and Fenix 7 Pro has not yet been disclosed but is speculated to be sometime in the coming month. We are also yet to hear how much these devices will cost.

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The new generation of Garmin smartwatches is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the wearables market. With a next generation Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor, a potentially larger display, premium design elements, and enhanced functionality, these devices are well positioned to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra.

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