Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro: August 14th unveiling – what to expect?

Just like last year, Xiaomi is set to release the Mi Smart Band 8 Pro this year. The launch date is scheduled for August 14th, and some of the specifications of the upcoming device have already been revealed.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8: A Triumph in China

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 8 has received an overwhelmingly positive response in China, selling millions of units since its debut in April. When we think of the Chinese tech giant, we often imagine a powerhouse in the smartphone industry. But Xiaomi’s portfolio extends far beyond just mobile phones.

While the upgrades in the Mi Band 8 may not be groundbreaking, they do provide some improvements over its predecessor. This includes the introduction of a two-piece detachable band for greater customization and wearability, increased maximum screen brightness and refresh rate, and an extra day of battery life. In terms of functionality, the Mi Band 8 now supports 150 sports modes, 30 more than the Mi Band 7. It also has a new boxing training mode and additional running statistics.

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Despite these enhancements, the lack of built-in GPS and an altimeter might be a disappointment for some users. Nevertheless, the Mi Band 8 offers a solid range of features for a budget fitness tracker, making it an excellent choice for those looking to monitor their health and fitness goals.

Generation 7: Exploring the Vanilla and Pro Versions

Last year, the Pro version of Mi Band 7 came only a month after the vanilla edition. This year the gap will be larger – nearly five months.

The primary distinction for the seventh generation lies in the design. If you prefer a smartwatch appearance, the Pro edition is something for you. While those leaning towards a traditional fitness band look might opt for the standard version. Another significant difference is the inclusion of built-in GPS in the Pro model, simplifying outdoor exercise tracking without needing a smartphone for satellite signals.

While the Pro version may have a slightly shorter battery life, the difference is minimal. Ultimately, both devices provide similar smart functionality, with options to personalize through various color straps and a range of watch-faces.

Upcoming Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro: A Sneak Peek

Set to be unveiled on August 14 in China are the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro, Pad 6 Max 14 and the Mix Fold 3. The company CEO Lei Jun will give his annual speech at the gathering.

Here are some of the specs of the upcoming fitness band that have been revealed by the company. We will update this article when more information is revealed.

Larger display, software enhancements

The Smart Band 8 Pro will sport a 1.74-inch rectangular display, likely OLED, with support for 16.7 million colors, 336 PPI, and a 60Hz refresh rate. That means the display of 8 Pro will be larger than the 1.64 inches of last year’s 7 Pro iteration. This is definitely more smartwatch territory than fitness tracker territory.

Here are a few product teaser images.

The design appears to be inspired by the Apple Watch, with new customizable widgets and portrait watch face functionality. Xiaomi is also expected to introduce new features and enhancements, making the Smart Band 8 Pro a more versatile and user-friendly device. Compatibility with various platforms and seamless integration with other Xiaomi products is also anticipated.

Conclusion: The Global Edition and why patience pays off

While the excitement around the Mi Band 8 Pro is palpable, the availability outside China remains a mystery. The global edition of Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has yet to reach international markets, leaving potential consumers waiting.

Our advice is to exercise patience and wait for international versions of Mi Band 8 or 8 Pro. These devices will offer features tailored to global needs. As detailed in our separate piece, this includes advantages such as multilingual software compatibility, customised features, international customer support, compliance with global regulations, and network compatibility.

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