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Xiaomi Mi Band 8’s 1.1 million unit triumph in China

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 8 has received an overwhelmingly positive response in China. Since its debut in April, it has seen an impressive sales figure of 11 million units in the country.

When we think of the Chinese tech giant, we often imagine a powerhouse in the smartphone industry. However, Xiaomi’s portfolio extends far beyond just mobile phones. Yet, among their diverse product lineup, one gadget stands out as a remarkable success story: the smart fitness tracker, specifically the Band 8​.

The legacy of Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is marked by an enduring popularity and escalating sales with each new release. The Band 8, the newest member of this successful lineage, is no exception. Since its launch, the Band 8 has enjoyed tremendous success in China, boasting over 1.1 million units sold​.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8: A feature-rich budget wearable

This should come as no surprise. Thee triumph of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can be attributed to a combination of affordability and feature-rich functionality.

Retailing at a pocket-friendly price just shy of $50, it provides an array of features often found in higher-priced competitors. With the ability to track heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical workouts, it’s a comprehensive health and fitness companion. Additionally, it supports notifications from your phone and even allows music control, bringing convenience to your wrist​.

Only available for now its home market of China, the Mi Band 8 offers two versions to consumers: the standard version and an NFC-enabled version. Both are equipped with a 1.62-inch OLED display, offering a 60Hz refresh rate, 326 PPI, and 600 nits of brightness. They come with an automatic brightness adjustment feature and supports over 150 sports modes.

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The NFC version, while mirroring all the features of the standard version, throws NFC technology to the mix. With this, users can use their Mi Band 8 for making payments and unlocking doors, among other things. This added functionality aligns the Mi Band 8 with the evolving lifestyle of the modern tech-savvy consumer​.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8: International launch on the horizon

Unfortunately, for now Mi Band 8 is not available internationally. Of course, you can always buy the Chinese version through retail outlets such as AliExpress. But we suggest waiting for the real thing.

Hopefully the global iteration will land soon. If we look at last year, the 7th generation of the wearable launched towards the end of May. That was followed by an international version in July. If that is mirrored this year, generation 8 should be made available internationally in the weeks ahead.

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